Savory Summer Treats

Its almost summer and that mean oodles and oodles of fresh fruits and veggies. My favorite. Growing up in the south, I was never a stranger to freshly grown produce, especially in the summer. My moms parents still plant their garden every year, and when I was growing up my parents planted a garden and used to make us help maintain it during the HOT HOT summer months, which I always hated, but loved the end product… although I will never enjoy picking beans. Its THE WORST. I even remember when I was really young, my great grand father used to come over and drop off fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, string beans, just anything and everything. So, to say that I have a love of fresh produce is probably an understatement. Now that its warm and the crops are producing, David and I have already scoped out where the closest farmers market is to our new place, and we can’t wait to go check it out this weekend!!!! But, I have to say, that as soon as it got warm, David and I couldn’t resist making some sweet pickled cucumbers, to start our summer stash off right. These will be a staple in our fridge until cucumbers go out of season, and I can’t wait.

My Mom’s parents have always been really into pickling and I think that it has kind of rubbed off on David, he says he wants to spend some time with them learning how to do it right, and so we always joke that he is going to enroll in Mimi’s pickling school one day… but I can’t say I would hate it if he did. These “pickles” are probably some of the easiest to make and they don’t require much sitting and soaking, just a few hours of sitting in the fridge and they are ready to serve. If you grew up southern, you have probably had these a billion times, if you DIDN’T, you’re missing out and you need to run out and buy these 3 ingredients and make them ASAP!



  • several medium sized cucumbers, peeled and sliced
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Salt and Pepper to taste (if desired — i typically salt and pepper them on my plate before I eat them)



In a large bowl mix together equal parts of cider vinegar and sugar… I know this seems kind of crazy, but I promise its the right proportions. You want to make sure you get as much of the sugar dissolved in the vinegar as possible, before you add in the cucumbers.




Once you have the vinegar mixture ready, peel and slice the cucumbers into thick sections. Then place them into the vinegar. Once the container is almost full, put the lid on TIGHT and give the container and little shake to get everything all mixed up and ready to go. Once you have done that, place them in the fridge for a few hours, then serve cool! Sorry… I was so into eating them that I forgot to take a final picture 😦 Don’t hate me. I mean they don’t look too different just a little darker and a little more shriveled. But they taste AMAZING! So, if you’re looking for a fresh summer side dish, I definitely recommend this, you won’t be sorry, unless you hate pickles, in which case, I’m sorry for you!


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