Crockpot Chicken Tacos

I know what you’re thinking because everyone at my office said the exact same thing when I talked about these, and NO, you don’t leave the shells in the crockpot, so don’t worry you won’t be eating soggy tacos! David and I love mexican meals. We eat them probably once a week, but we are trying to save money by cooking at home, so we have tried our hand at a few different dishes… nothing too complicated: tacos, enchiladas, tace salad with the tortilla bowls, quesadillas, gaucomole, pico, you know the simple stuff. But sometimes pan seared chicken breasts shredded and put on a taco (and even ground beef for that matter) get a little old. So, I was looking for a different way to cook the meat and I found this, which was perfect for a week night meal since very minima preparation was needed! You only need a crockpot and 3 ingredients. I came home and put my together on my lunch break one day, it really only needs to cook like 5 or 6 hours. So, here’s what you’ll need:


Place the chicken breasts in the crock pot, dump the salsa over it, top with half of the taco seasoning (I don’t use the whole thing because its so salty.) Cook it on low heat for 5-6 hours, I have found that 8 really dries it out. Then once its cooked, break the chicken apart in the crockpot with a fork, and serve in a tortilla with all your favorite toppings, and enjoy. Literally the easiest week night dinner ever and you can really put as much chicken in as you like, so if you’re cooking for 8 instead of 4, add a few extra breasts. We had tons of the sauce left over when we made ours, so we definitely could have cooked a few more pieces of meat with it.



I will keep you guys posted as we continue to explore our love for mexican cuisine. I feel like we really need to brach out, but we’re working on it. Right now were just trying to get those week night dinners on the table and have some left overs for lunch!


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