Bench Warmers

I have always been a big supporter of curb appeal… also, I am a huge supporter of breathing life back into something that seems old and forgotten, so I was more than happy to marry the two in my most recent project!!! We have a cute little front entry on our house perfect for some rcoking chairs and a table or some kind of little bench, but before we bought the house, neither of us had anything like that to set out, so it was pretty common knowledge that we were eventually going to spruce up the front of the house, well this project kind of fell into our laps… FO FREE! The first weekend we were out the house we were trying to organize some things in the tool shed on the side of house and we stumbled upon this beauty


I had my fingers crossed that when we finally pulled it out to investigate that it would have all its parts and pieces, and it DID! So this past weekend I finally had an immense amount of time and energy to devote to bringing this sad little bench back to life, and I knew just what I wanted to do with it! Once she was all fixed up, I knew she would be the perfect piece to start our little curb appeal project, so I started planning and picking up a few extra pieces here and there, waiting for a day I had time to get the project under way. Here is a look at what our front entry looks like (don’t judge the dead flowers, apparently our front yard gets NO sun, so were going to have to pic some different flowers!)


So, like I said, this past Saturday was D-day, I was finally going to get to fix up the little bench we found for free in the shed! Once we checked all the pieces were there, I gave all the wrought iron pieces a pretty intense scrub down to get rid of cob webs, dirt, etc etc.


Once I got them all wiped down and let them dry for a bit, I spent the next few hours applying layer upon layer of teal spray paint to the wrought iron pieces. I used valspar outdoor color with anti-rust, so fingers crossed that that turns out to be true! haha!


While those were drying I worked on sanding… and sanding… and sanding… until my arms were numb. NO, we don’t have any type of fancy sander so it was the old elbow grease trick for this gal. I had to have David come over and shake my arms a few times because I thought they were going to go numb! After a few hours of sanding I was finally done, and I wiped down all the boards, let them dry and they were ready for a stain!


David found this awesome stain with polyurethane in it, so I didn’t have to stain it, wait for it to dry, and then seal it, which was really a HUGE time saver!!! So… after a few hours of drying time… and my in ability to wait any longer, David and I put the bench together, probably before it was ready, but I just couldn’t stand it! And I’m glad I made him do it because I LOVED IT!


We picked up these fun outdoor pillows at Garden ridge and I think we spent less than $30 fixing up the bench! I was really glad we found it because I know I would have NEVER been allowed to buy a brand new wrought iron bench and make it over like this. Just goes to show that sometimes all you need is a little elbow grease, TLC, and a creative vision! Although, now that we have this great bench out there, I am way more aware of how much our house needs a little brightening up on the outside, everything is just looking a little faded! But here is the whole look for you!


What do you guys think?! Its so fab, right? What outdoor fixer upper projects are you working on? Maybe you can help inspire our next work weekend.


3 thoughts on “Bench Warmers

  1. This turned out beautiful! LOVE that it was FREE!! The blue color is beautiful! I stumbled across my grandmother’s long lost VINTAGE lawn furniture in a storage shed. I have cleaned them and am mow using the SAME EXACTbrand of paint you used for your bench to make these pieces look FABULOUS!! I am sticking with the original lime green. Great project!! Thanks for sharing your ideas with photos! Love it!! 🙂

    • Thanks Carolyn! It was a really fun project! I can’t wait to see yours, the green will look awesome, and I loved that outdoor spraypaint! It was so perfect, and super affordable.

  2. I really like the blue that you used. The bench looks great! I only have outdoor projects I SHOULD be working on lol. My next big project outside will be building a pergola, but not sure when that will be getting started.

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