Movement Mondays – New Romantic

Another work of wonder by THE Kate Jablonski! I just love her! And I love how synchronized everything is. Its like they are little dance robots of perfection. Apart from the ending (which is so cooooool!) I loved when the whole group hopped en mass across the stage. She has such an awareness of space and it shines through in her dancers and the way they move. I also really appreciate her focus on small little movements that make an impact. Not everything has to be big and sprawling across the stage, which is something I struggle with when I choreograph. Sometimes I’m so worried about making an impact that everything becomes a string of big moments… and then you get to the big moment and its kind of a let down. I guess its something to work towards… ya know, scaling things down sometimes. Oh well, back to business. Enjoy the intricate awesomeness that is New Romantic by Kate Jablonski and the Beyond Words Dance Company.


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