Master Bedroom – Work in Progress

Even though I said this was the first room I was determined to get looking right…I have put a ton of other things ahead of it. We are getting much closer but I still have a few projects left to do. I am sure you remember this picture from when we finished the headboard:


So, here is an update on our progress since then, we are working for something to fill the void over the headboard, because even though it doesnt look like it in this picture, there is a HUGE space there. and then on the other wall across from the bed, we finally got our dresser from ikea and built it…

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.02.23 PM

IKEA- HEMNES 8 drawer dresser

well now our room is a disaster as we try to switch dressers and try to figure out what to do with the old one, and now we need something for that wall, and then I bought this table from a FB friend off FB that I want to use as a dressing table, but it needs to be painted, and I am thinking some kind of metallic but I am not sure how to pull it all together and I think I want to swap out the hardware, but I have an awesome mirror hanging above it right now so I do have that going for me. We have also picked out curtains, buuut we haven’t gotten them yet were just doing sheers to make the room a little more light and luxurious. I also think we might bring David’s old recliner up and do a sitting area in one corner… or I would really like an awesome full length mirror, something kind of dramatic, like this

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.11.22 PM

I know, I know, so much white, I don’t want it to feel sterile, so I might try to find something more metallic or we might just stick with doing some kind of sitting area in the corner with a comfy chair and a light or something. im not sure, I have just never had this much space to deal with in a bed room, so its KIND of overwhelming! But I love the challenge. I can’t wait until we wrap up these two projects in progress so I can post pictures of the room so far, that will probably be in July, when we have some more time… oooor after the wedding because lets be honest about what all my spare time has been devoted to lately!!! Speaking of the wedding I have my bridal portraits this weekend! SOOO excited! Im trying to think of a creative way to blog about it without giving anything away so we will see what I can come up with. YIPEEEE! Only 53 days to go!


One thought on “Master Bedroom – Work in Progress

  1. Looks beautiful! We have such similar tastes. The walls in our master are light grey with one dark grey accent wall. If we got new dressers, hemmes is what we would have went for but I think we’re just going to paint our old ones white. I can’t wait to see your curtains. And it sounds like everything is going well with the wedding planning. I remember what it was like planning a wedding and juggling house stuff at the same time. Ahhhh fun!

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