Yah Mon – The Honeymoon


David and I reppin the Tiger Rag in Jamaica

I know you probably want to know more about the wedding than read about David and I laying around on the beach drinking cocktails, but our honeymoon was so relaxing and awesome, AND I don’t quite have my mind wrapped around how exactly I want to blog all things wedding without going overboard. SO, honeymoon it is!


David and I went to the Sandals Whitehouse Resort is Westmoreland, Jamaica for our honeymoon, and it was fabulous! The beaches were gorgeous the staff was awesome, super friendly, and tons of fun! The food was better than I was expecting for an all inclusive set up AND I most loved that we were pretty much unconnected for an entire week of post-wedding decompression. It was definitely the way to go!


The first day we were there it was a bit rainy, but the weather cleared up and was nice the rest of the week, there was tons to do and see just around the resort so we didn’t spend much time doing anything else (plus we were into the free activities: kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, water trikes -hahaha, trust me its comical! , swimming…. up to the bar to get drinks, floating in the pool, snorkeling…which I chickened out on, and SCUBA diving if you were certified, which we were not)


After talking with some of our friends who had been to Sandals before we were a little worried about the restaurants being crowded or there not being enough room at the pools to sit etc, but we didn’t seem to run into any of those problems, between the 7 restaurants, 3 pools, and tons of beach it felt like the resort was empty when in fact there were like 500 other people there at the same time as us. I didn’t really think about it before hand but it was really bizarre to show up and be spending a week with a ton of people who just got married on the same day as us! I just didn’t think this trough! But it was a blast to exchange wedding war stories and talk about funny things our guests did and compare notes on everything!


One night at dinner the waitress carried our dessert from the kitchen to our table on her head… and did a little dance! It was quite comical!

Also, one of my prouder moments, I convinced David that we needed to get a massage, which was quite a feat for me since he doesn’t like to be touched and is super ticklish. I told him the hot stone massage was his best option for optimal enjoyment and getting all those huge knots out of his back he always complains about. So we go to the little spa, and there was a lot of forced PDA. They made us hold hands to walk into the room, and at the end of the massage, the made us awkwardly hold hands while still laying on the tables.


David before our massage– he seems thrilled, don’t you think?

They are really into forced PDA at Sandals by the way, between the couples massage, the Sandals Paparazzi and the staff you would try to get to take pictures of you for free on your OWN camera so you didnt have to pay for it later…. someone was always telling you to hold hands or kiss or something like that. For example one night at dinner we asked someone to take our picture… and before she gave the camera back we had 6 pictures of us kissing or… sitting close together… OR feeding each other– exhibit A:


David feeding me dessert, I am not as amused as he is by this activity.

Also, on our trip we learned… I am terrible at pool. I had always suspected this, but it was definitely validated during our week at sandals. There was a rec center near our room that had 4 pool tables so we always found ourselves stopping by on the way to and from dinner or the pool, just to have a chance to do something else. We must have played more than 20 games while we were there and I only beat David twice… once was because he hit the 8 ball in before the game was over. Like I said, my skills are lacking. I was convinced if we kept playing I would get better and I think I actually got worse, so that’s embarrassing!


David schooling me at pool.

Enough about the activities, lets talk views, this place was gorgeous. By the second day we had picked our spot on the beach that we sat at every morning before lunch and then in the afternoon we made our way to one of the pools for some floating, drinking, and uselessness. Except one day when they were having water aerobics at the pool which was less than appealing.  Envision an angry Sue Sylvester-esque  Jamaican screaming pool aerobics exercises at you. There were about 10 people in the pool that actually braved the class, everyone else was just sitting in lounge chairs… watching in fear that this person might call us out and make us get in and exercise. But apart from that, the lounging was awesome! So awesome that we did pretty much nothing else. And we loved every minute of it!



Movement Mondays- Double Dose

IM BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! And I missed you all dearly, probably because I missed my outlet to chatter on about anything and everything!!! But, Wedding land was crazy and a whirlwind of awesomeness, love, and fun and I can’t wait to share it all with you, but keeping with tradition, Movement Mondays are back. AND since I have been gone for a mome or ten, here are TWO of my faaaaaaaave dances from last week on SYTYCD! The all-stars were back in action and performing their own choreography with this season’s contestants.

My first pick is OBVIOUSLY a contemporary routine, I love this piece by Allison Holker about defeating social prejudice to live your life with the people you loved, mostly because I love that she and Twitch are engaged AND that Fikshun is ballin out of control. I think its so awesome when less trained dancers are able to keep up with people who have been perfecting their skills for several years. I think it shows the discipline that some of these street dancers have and how talented they really are when they are willing to break outside their genre! So here is pick one!


And pick two is just crazy fun and super Lady Gaga-esque! This one was by Mark who I always appreciated for his originality, and I thought Jenna was super fun to watch in it, they were like two little peas in a Lady Gaga pod (which doesn’t seem to far from reality for her sometimes!) So, here’s a little dose of funk for your Monday in case you missed it last Tuesday!


Stay tuned this week for lots of life updates and wedding oversharing!

Wedding Ready

Sorry for being a flake and falling off the virtual map, but I feel like its for good reason, our wedding is NEXT SATURDAY! That’s right, 8 days away! I can barely function for all the checklists, projects, and honeymoon dreaming we have been doing! I did manage to get a little escape last weekend in Charleston with some of my closest girlfriends, which was really nice, but other than that it has been all wedding, all the time, all you married folks know what I’m talking about, crazy town, USA. Anywho, apart from an apology for leaving you hanging for the past few days, I would also like to pre-apologize for any upcoming withdrawals, as I plan to put my blog on a wedding hiatus for the next couple of weeks while we finish preparations, celebrate our marriage, go on our honeymoon and then try to re-acclimate ourselves to the real world!

However, I don’t plan to leave you hanging entirely! For a multitude of reasons David and I have set up a wedding instagram account. You can follow us there : @kedswedding (its our initials, no one will actually be wearing keds, sorry to disappoint!).

photo (1)

Our goal with this is to give people an inside look into our wedding, what were doing to prepare, how were staying sane, sneak peaks at the decor and other things, ya know anything and everything the inquiring mind may want to know! We thought it would be a great way for friends and family who weren’t able to attend to feel like they were still part of our special day. We also have a few confidants who will be capturing all the behind the scenes goodies, a few members of our wedding party and even a few of our guests! I think it will be so neat to have a collection of pictures from a variety of view points throughout the day, and it will be great when were looking back. We have invited our guests to take and share tons of photos throughout the day and tag us @kedsdwedding or use #kedswedding so we can find all the pictures afterwards.


The end goal is to be able to compile all the photos to use in book we are going to create either on blurb or on shutterfly (it will really be more of a “whoever gives us more stylistic freedom at a lower cost” kind of deal) in conjunction with all the shots from our photobooth, which we are also really stoked about!  While we have a wonderful photographer who will capture all those special moments between David and I, we are hoping to have some extra eyes throughout the night so we can see our guests enjoying themselves and have a chance to see all the little things we might have missed.

I can’t wait until we are able to share all the little special details about our big day and all the personal touches we put on everything once we get back! Feel free to follow us on instagram to see what we are up to while I’m MIA from the blogosphere! I will start posting solely to our wedding instagram on Monday when we start packing and making all our final preparations to head to Augusta, with others joining in as the wedding day gets closer! David and I are so excited to share this special day with all our family and friends and we know its going to be amazing!

See you when we return from the wedding whirlwind!