Wedding Ready

Sorry for being a flake and falling off the virtual map, but I feel like its for good reason, our wedding is NEXT SATURDAY! That’s right, 8 days away! I can barely function for all the checklists, projects, and honeymoon dreaming we have been doing! I did manage to get a little escape last weekend in Charleston with some of my closest girlfriends, which was really nice, but other than that it has been all wedding, all the time, all you married folks know what I’m talking about, crazy town, USA. Anywho, apart from an apology for leaving you hanging for the past few days, I would also like to pre-apologize for any upcoming withdrawals, as I plan to put my blog on a wedding hiatus for the next couple of weeks while we finish preparations, celebrate our marriage, go on our honeymoon and then try to re-acclimate ourselves to the real world!

However, I don’t plan to leave you hanging entirely! For a multitude of reasons David and I have set up a wedding instagram account. You can follow us there : @kedswedding (its our initials, no one will actually be wearing keds, sorry to disappoint!).

photo (1)

Our goal with this is to give people an inside look into our wedding, what were doing to prepare, how were staying sane, sneak peaks at the decor and other things, ya know anything and everything the inquiring mind may want to know! We thought it would be a great way for friends and family who weren’t able to attend to feel like they were still part of our special day. We also have a few confidants who will be capturing all the behind the scenes goodies, a few members of our wedding party and even a few of our guests! I think it will be so neat to have a collection of pictures from a variety of view points throughout the day, and it will be great when were looking back. We have invited our guests to take and share tons of photos throughout the day and tag us @kedsdwedding or use #kedswedding so we can find all the pictures afterwards.


The end goal is to be able to compile all the photos to use in book we are going to create either on blurb or on shutterfly (it will really be more of a “whoever gives us more stylistic freedom at a lower cost” kind of deal) in conjunction with all the shots from our photobooth, which we are also really stoked about!  While we have a wonderful photographer who will capture all those special moments between David and I, we are hoping to have some extra eyes throughout the night so we can see our guests enjoying themselves and have a chance to see all the little things we might have missed.

I can’t wait until we are able to share all the little special details about our big day and all the personal touches we put on everything once we get back! Feel free to follow us on instagram to see what we are up to while I’m MIA from the blogosphere! I will start posting solely to our wedding instagram on Monday when we start packing and making all our final preparations to head to Augusta, with others joining in as the wedding day gets closer! David and I are so excited to share this special day with all our family and friends and we know its going to be amazing!

See you when we return from the wedding whirlwind!


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