This is me, and this is my blog, a place where I post all the things that speak to my creative mind and my curious palette of taste! I am a southern girl, born and raised, starting out in the real world and trying to get a grip on my newly earned status as a young twenty-something post grad! I hope you enjoy following me, trying out the meals I pre-test for you, and building your home with the DIY projects you find here.

Create, Play, Blog s is a  blog about anything and everything southern, hospitable, and wonderful, whether I am hashing out the plans for my latest DIY project, testing out my new recipe in the kitchen, or going on some crazy weird adventure with my family or friends I will make sure to bring you back all the hard facts and details, right here, everyday!  From creative craft and decorating ideas and my adventures in the kitchen to the little things that make me laugh or smile, and of course my blatantly honest opinion about it all, you’re sure to find something that peaks your interest. I am a twenty-something venturing into the real world with big dreams and lots of ideas.  Stay tuned for more adventures, recipes, crafts, and home decor ideas and of course, some wit and comedy, as most of you expect. Enjoy!


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