Pergola Pining

Since we moved into our house I have been DYING to create an awesome outdoor space to relax and enjoy. I think this is partially because of my parents “poolage” outdoor area with a kitchen and comfy furniture under an awning with fans. Ya know, the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. And I always loved sitting out on the porch at the lake or around a bon fire, so now that we actually have a space of our own to do all these things I’m dying to get my hands dirty to make it happen. David is on another plan that involves saving money and postponing projects which I find depressing so since I can’t see the project through to a reality JUST yet, I thought I would continue pining for my perfect pergola via pinterest and home decor magazines until one day I am allowed to put one on our back deck.


I know this is a terrible picture, I can only justify by saying I did not take it, its from the listing information when be bought the house, and I cannot find the one I did take, but I wanted you to be able to see what we have to work with, which is a really awesome foundation for an EPIC outdoor entertaining space! So, right now its pretty empty. We have a rocking chair and a few planters in the corners and David’s grill inhabits a bit of the space but we dont have much going on to make it a practical entertaining space, but were working on it! We hope to eventually re-do the railing, its a little loose and wobbly in places and the only way to get into the yard is a small little opening to the right that comes out on the side of the house. NOT helpful. Our plan is to pick a new railing, maybe something a little more decorative and remove the two center sections to create a walk down into the yard, ya know with a few stairs and such. Then we want to add a pergola covering the portion to the left of the opening and put some seating and everything under neath there, I would love to have some fans so that its still comfortable in the summer. Then to the right of the opening we would have a table and chairs for outdoor dining, AND as I have mentioned several times we really want to replace the sliding glass door with a french door or feaux french doors or whatever, just not the sliding door! haha! Here is a TERRIBLE illustration of what we are looking to eventually accomplish back here.


You can laugh, its fine. I know it looks ridiculous, but the real thing will be awesome, and everyone will be like “PORCH PARTIESSSS!” and that’s really the goal here! So now that you have a general idea of the direction were going, lets talk style and design… Starting with the pergola area! I’m more into the idea of a lounge type set up than I think David is, but I can just imagine hanging out and relaxing in a set up like this and with the railing it would be so easy to build bench seating around the perimeter without much effort!


Im not necessarily a fan of the whole pallet idea, but I am sure I could get a few for free (wink wink, nudge nudge, hey Dad!!) and make an awesome set up if I had to haha! I think I would rather build something that was a little more sturdy, but I do love the whites and blues! But since sturdy and long lasting is the name of the game, I do love this next option!


Although, I dont think its as practical. Sofas, and huge stuffed footstools/seating? probably not the best idea for outdoors, and David hate the idea of the curtains, but I am OBSESSED! even if we only had them up when company came over, I think they add such a cool element to the space, and they look awesome!


Which brings me to this, I could get behing this set up. The wood would work (say that three times fast! YIKES!) But I might change it up on the cushions just because white gets so dirty and we do have some clay in our back yard so I don’t see that ending well if we end up getting a four-legged friend in the next few years. So, white might not be a good decor option!

c8ecd25f9cd20e24e40315b2b80ed879Then there is this, which I love, except it doesnt have a pergola, It looks just like what I was describing with the seating built into the railing and lots of space to relax, looks like the perfect space for a girls night, if you ask me!

If we move to the other side of the eventual walk down into the yard, I want to eventually do a table so we can actually enjoy dinner out on the deck, maybe a 6 top would be perfect. I really want wood but David is worried about wear and tear and the wood rotting so he is pushing for wrought iron, which I guess would work if I could paint it a funky color and get some fun cushions, and he’s right as far as something being long lasting and a good investment the wrought iron might be the way to go, but I would have to find just the right things to spice it up, like a cute little umbrella, and cushions and the perfect shade of spray paint to bring it from drab to fab!


I love this set up with the dark wood table on the dark stained deck, I just think it looks really classy but I agree that it would take a much larger maintenance effort to make this table last as long as some other options, but you have to admit, this is fancy and FAB!


I also really like the simplicity of this furniture, not really into the pillows on the benches and I think this would be relatively easy to make, so it is a good option, except David doesn’t really get into bench style seating, but I think for an outdoor space it works really well.


I love everything about this table set from Target… except the price range, clearly I am attracted to the more natural look, which is where I get in trouble price wise, I think!

4226389lgI also found this more affordable option at Lowes. Its aluminum but has that wood look, so its more affordable, and potentially more durable, so it might be a good contender. Our goal here is to wait until things go on sale at the end of summer and see what we can put together for a steal of a deal! I will let you know how that goes, but I have my eye on the sales!!! Can’t wait to get to work on our little outdoor oasis. I will keep you all updated as the process unfolds, slowly but surely, sloooowly but surely.


Tied Tulle Wreath

A few weeks ago I missed my first friends baby shower due to some pre-wedding festivities and obligations, however I did not pass up the chance to make a fun gift to pass on to the mother-to-be! My college roommate and her husband Caleb are expecting their first child, a little girl sometime at the end of August/beginning of September. However, if she is anything like her mom and dad, I think she might make QUITE the grand entrance a little earlier than expected! I decided that any baby of Caleb and Lauren’s needed a stylish, fun, and funky way to announce her presence to the world, so, I put together this simple tied tulle wreath with her name on it!


All you need to get this project done is a Styrofoam wreath form, 4 rolls of tulle (2 of each color if you plan to alternate), some ribbon for a bow, white floral wire, and whatever letters you will need. I was going to have it say “its a girl” but they didnt have all the letters I needed. Oh well, compromises, compromises. Once you have all your materials pulled together, start to cut your tulle. enough to double knot it and leave a little hanging off, mine was too long at first so I had to trim some of it down so it wouldn’t look as wild and wolly.

IMG_3932Once you have all your tulle cut, start tying it onto the wreath form. Make sure you bunch it relatively close together, just so that its not super transparent, but you also don’t want it so close together that you run out of tulle, I found that I had to make a lot of adjustments as I was working on it to get the spacing right, but you’ll be able to tell when you’ve got it looking right!


Once  you get all the tulle tied on, you want to tie your bow and attach it using a floral wire. I also attached the eltters to floral wire and the tied the AND glued them onto the wreath form for extra security. Make sure to lay everything out before you start to attach it just to make sure you have the spacing right and like the way it looks, I had to play with mine a few times. Then once everything is attached, make another loop with floral wire, that you can attach to the form to hang the wreath from a door hanger! And there you have it! I was able to knock this project out in just a few hours and the Mommy-to-be says she will definitely be bringing it to the hospital so everyone will know where to find them, which makes me so excited!

You can really change this wreath design up for anything you need, use your team colors for football season some small pumpkins and gourds for fall, or a larger letter for you last name, or maybe your house numbers! Like I said, anything will work, so be creative!

Bench Warmers

I have always been a big supporter of curb appeal… also, I am a huge supporter of breathing life back into something that seems old and forgotten, so I was more than happy to marry the two in my most recent project!!! We have a cute little front entry on our house perfect for some rcoking chairs and a table or some kind of little bench, but before we bought the house, neither of us had anything like that to set out, so it was pretty common knowledge that we were eventually going to spruce up the front of the house, well this project kind of fell into our laps… FO FREE! The first weekend we were out the house we were trying to organize some things in the tool shed on the side of house and we stumbled upon this beauty


I had my fingers crossed that when we finally pulled it out to investigate that it would have all its parts and pieces, and it DID! So this past weekend I finally had an immense amount of time and energy to devote to bringing this sad little bench back to life, and I knew just what I wanted to do with it! Once she was all fixed up, I knew she would be the perfect piece to start our little curb appeal project, so I started planning and picking up a few extra pieces here and there, waiting for a day I had time to get the project under way. Here is a look at what our front entry looks like (don’t judge the dead flowers, apparently our front yard gets NO sun, so were going to have to pic some different flowers!)


So, like I said, this past Saturday was D-day, I was finally going to get to fix up the little bench we found for free in the shed! Once we checked all the pieces were there, I gave all the wrought iron pieces a pretty intense scrub down to get rid of cob webs, dirt, etc etc.


Once I got them all wiped down and let them dry for a bit, I spent the next few hours applying layer upon layer of teal spray paint to the wrought iron pieces. I used valspar outdoor color with anti-rust, so fingers crossed that that turns out to be true! haha!


While those were drying I worked on sanding… and sanding… and sanding… until my arms were numb. NO, we don’t have any type of fancy sander so it was the old elbow grease trick for this gal. I had to have David come over and shake my arms a few times because I thought they were going to go numb! After a few hours of sanding I was finally done, and I wiped down all the boards, let them dry and they were ready for a stain!


David found this awesome stain with polyurethane in it, so I didn’t have to stain it, wait for it to dry, and then seal it, which was really a HUGE time saver!!! So… after a few hours of drying time… and my in ability to wait any longer, David and I put the bench together, probably before it was ready, but I just couldn’t stand it! And I’m glad I made him do it because I LOVED IT!


We picked up these fun outdoor pillows at Garden ridge and I think we spent less than $30 fixing up the bench! I was really glad we found it because I know I would have NEVER been allowed to buy a brand new wrought iron bench and make it over like this. Just goes to show that sometimes all you need is a little elbow grease, TLC, and a creative vision! Although, now that we have this great bench out there, I am way more aware of how much our house needs a little brightening up on the outside, everything is just looking a little faded! But here is the whole look for you!


What do you guys think?! Its so fab, right? What outdoor fixer upper projects are you working on? Maybe you can help inspire our next work weekend.

All of the Lights

We have the dining room partially finished (but not spoiler photos today, sorry guys!) We finally got our table and chairs thanks to a generous wedding gift from a few family members, and our china place settings are slowly starting to fill the table. I also had a little help from an old friend finding a GREAT refurbed china cabinet, so I literally have to do NOTHING but put it in the room and bask in all its glory. I am definitely still struggling with what we will put on the walls. I think I want to do some kind of really cool photo display, but right now, my primary concern is ridding myself of that less than inspiring chandelier and finding something that is more fitting of our style and the direction we are trying to take the room. Right now the fixture has 5 bulbs and is brown with frosted glass globes. BLEEEEEEEEH. Im over it, its not nearly as clean and southern as I would like. I think I am definitely going with white, because I feel like it will pop with the gray blue of the walls and the dark wood of the table and floors. Now I am just struggling with shape… do I want something that looks more traditional, like a refurbed old brass fixture, or do I want to go a little more crazy and go with a lantern looking pendant? Or just something totally off the wall. I really can’t decide. But here are some thoughts I have had so far!

For example, David would totally hate these, but I think it would be cool to do two or three of them down the length of the table, they are so dainty and delicate, so I feel like they could make a really cool statement, but I am worried they are a little more formal than we ever thought about being! But this one is from Lowes for like $180 so two or three is a pretty do-able set up price wise, the wiring might just get a little more complicated. 


I kind of like this one, because it has the shade which makes it a little less formal, but you still have the glass peaking out. buuuuut for the price tag, I dont think I want to pay to cover up everything that makes it so expensive, this one is also from Lowes.


Also, I know I said I wanted something that was white, but I feel like this one could make a really awesome statement in the room! Its from West Elm and for $150, its really not a bad price either. Its just a matter of how formal or informal we are wanting to go here. Because obviously this is a drastically different look from the first two options I showed you!


Then, I sometimes think I could get behind something really funky, like this Fillsta Pendant Lamp from IKEA. I mean its pretty chic, and really in expensive so when I decide I am ready for something more mature and adult, I could swap it out without feeling too badly about it. The downside, its made of some kind of paper and I have tried to talk David into buying it for a couple different rooms and he shoots me down EVERY TIME! So sad!


This one might be a front runner. I think I could easily paint it white, and it would look really cool. We have a few different natural elements in the room that I really like, so I think this would be a good way to continue it. And, again, its from IKEA, so it has a really affordable price and should be really easy to install.


If I decide to go rustic white, and I cant find the right thing to refurbish myself, this would be the perfect fixture to get! Its simple and elegant, and white. But it has a little bit of that old, loved charm, so I could totally make it work! Or at least use it as inspiration if I do this route! This one is from Pottery Barn, so naturally I LOVE IT!


This one is also from Pottery Barn, and again its not white, BUT ITS SO AWESOME! and makes such a statement. I mean how could I not love it!? its a big dramatic pendant lantern that screams HEY look at me… and maybe thats the part that worries me because I don’t want it to over take the room!


Like I mentioned earlier, I have also been playing around with the idea of a cluster of lights, and I think these could be really cool! I like the glass jar look, I tend to prefer the more sea glass look than the dark gray. I am also worried that will make it look way more farm house than I am looking to go, so I am trying to keep it kind of classy and elegant. But like I said, I love the idea of clustering lights in the center of the table! These are also from West Elm.


Ok, how AMAZING is this lantern from Urban Electric Company. I am sure its what out of the question, but you can get it in any color and IM IN LOVE! like I need it yesterday! Maybe I can find something to mimic it at the metrolina next month… heres hoping.


What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions of places to look or cool projects I could do with an old light fixture! Im open to ideas and looking for a new project!



Blinded by the Light




When we bought our house we thought we were getting such a deal by having them throw in the shades so we could save a few hundred bucks by not having to purchase new ones for the entire house. Well, we were young and stupid then. The blinds they had were actually terrible, which we discovered the first time we were outside the house at night, while lights were on inside. Guess what, you could see EV-ERY-THING. I’m talking like, down to what was on the tables.The worst blinds ever. So we decided that as money became available all other projects were pushed to the side and we were only focused on project privacy!  See how these see through blinds are terrible… even from the inside looking out during the day, so I guess its kind of a reverse effect, right?


I mean, we aren’t completely done covering all the windows, but we got the ones taken care of that matter, which would be the windows across the dining room, the half window on the front door, and the BIGGEST WINDOW EVER on the front of our house. We had to go to lowes like 3 times to get that stupid custom blind made, but we pretty much love it!


We decided to go with the Levolor custom fit faux wood 2″ blinds. We really liked the way they look, and with the exception of the custom blind, they were relatively affordable, between $30 and $40 a window. All we had to do was measure the windows from casing to casing and they trimmed them for us right in the store while we waited. We were kind of nervous about hanging them, A) because the walls in the dining room were freshly painted then, and David was mortified to drill into all the hard work and B) Because neither of us have ever hung anything other than a picture on the wall. So needless to say, figuring out the first one was a bit of an adventure, but after we got it up, the rest of them were up in 15-20 minutes! And they look great!


We haven’t outfitted the whole house but its a work in progress, the thing that kills me is the variety of window coverings throughout the house. bamboo shades in some rooms, roman shades in the master and faux wood shades in the guest room… so random. We only have 6 more windows to do, but 3 of them (the ones in the master) We’re not in a rush to get done, because they are on the back of the house, and we don’t mind the shades in there. They kind of keep the windows looking soft since we don’t have curtains there yet. So, thats a bit of what has been going on around the house. We have made a lot of progress on the guest room and the dining room, but still have a few projects and things to get done before we would call them “complete”, but we can’t wait to share them with you!

Home Enhancements: Kitchen Edition

I would be lying through my teeth if I said our kitchen was anything other than a VAST improvement from what we had in either of our apartments. Its large enough for people to congregate without crowding the cook, it definitely allows for multiple people to be in the same space cooking, prepping, cleaning, etc. and unlike the kitchen in my apartment we can actually open the fridge or the oven without completely cutting off functionality of the space. David’s apartment kitchen wasn’t AS small as mine, but I think there was definitely a lack of space and its corner location had you feeling claustrophobic with the addition of the smallest cooking utensils, pots and pans, let alone another person. I don’t know if “work in progress” is the right word for our kitchen considering its not really incomplete, we just have a few minor adjustments we want to make to it… over time, and when we have the money and time to make the improvements the way we want them done.

photo (11)

The best “all encompassing shot” of the kitchen I could get

So, I will share a few shots of the kitchen will potential improvement ideas we have in the works. We will start with the sliding glass doors… while I like the access they provide, I am more of a french door kind of girl, so we are hoping to save of enough money to have them installed in the fall of this year or spring of next year

photo (14)

Sorry for the terrible picture, but it was either take a picture at night so you could see my awkward reflection in the glass, or take on in the day so you can’t really see anything around it! But you get the idea!

… especially considering the door handle is broken… and we haven’t replaced it yet. I am all for super gluing the handle, David things we need to replace it. I would rather put that $40 to something we actually want in our home, not something we plan to throw out in the next year so the handle remains broken and that argument ensues.

photo (10)

In our defense the handle was cracked when we moved in soooo, we aren’t completely mutilating the new place!

So while we wait on the doors we did want to create some type of privacy at night, so for now we have these obnoxious floor to ceiling  curtains that are too heavy and make the rod sag. Its not the most decorative and wonderful thing, but it works and gets the job done, and they stay open most of the day, we just like to be able to close up shop at night.

photo (12)

Not the best curtains, but they get the job done! Also, note the bulky size of the table. It looks much smaller than it actually is because of all the open space but trust me, its kind of tight, and you cant push the chairs all the way under it.

I guess our next biggest investment would be a new table. David actually hates this table and says that even a coat of paint on the base wont change his mind, we also think its too bulky for the space. if you center it under the light you’re almost sitting in the doorway and you’re super far away from the wall, were looking for something to really open the space up.  the hunt continues for something else there.

A few cosmetic issues: There are these huge nail things sticking out of the wall that we cant figure out how to remove with out having to patch the walls in some ridiculous manner so i think all that will be fixed when we do the french door install which will also require some patching and repainting of the walls. So, with that being said, were currently looking for something to hang up and cover them.We also want to do a storage installation of sorts on the wall behind the table. But were not spilling the beans on that yet, however we do have big plans in the works that we can’t wait to share, once we nail down all the logistics. There will probably also be some new lighting fixtures to come, we’re not super jazzed about any of the ones currently in the kitchen. We’re thinking track lighting and pendants, but we shall see.

photo (8)

Doesn’t that wall just scream installation?! We think so!

Also, in keeping with installations, we are thinking of installing a back splash but we aren’t sure where. Right now we have just restricted it to the wall with the stove, and we have no idea what we want. We really like the color on the walls in there so I am thinking that will probably stay the same, but we will see as things progress.

photo (7)

Doesn’t that wall just scream for some type of bright accent or focal point?! We say YES!

And, most recently we replaced all our old ugly kitchen hardware. When we looked at the house there were lots of mismatched anthropologie knobs, not that that is our style at all but we were pretty sure we would swap them out. Well they ended up replacing those with the manufacturers knobs, which seemed like a positive improvement until I realized there was a finger sized groove on the back to constantly get your hands stuck in. Needless to say a few pinches and blood blisters later, we have replaced all the kitchen knobs. So, at least we are headed down the right path!

photo (5)

New knobs! Thanks to some input from our friends on instagram!

We will definitely keep you guys up to date as we get these projects done and work to make it our perfect kitchen space for cooking and entertaining! Its probably one  of the rooms I am most excited about! Other than our dining room, which is almost complete and has just kind of fallen into place over the last few weeks, but more on that later!

A Break-up Letter to Chevron

Hello Chevron,

I wish I could say it’s been a while but it hasn’t. I see you every day, on pinterest, etsy, and facebook, in target, on peoples cell phone and tablet covers, and no doubt this summer I will see you all over beach towels and bathing suits.Chevron, I’m over you and your childish zig-zag pattern, so perfectly spaced and immature. I need something more bold and simple. Like the stripe. OR just another geometric pattern all together. I am increasingly unimpressed by the generics of your mass produced pattern, because, like a stick of big red gum I can find you anywhere. On paper plates, napkins, serving trays, party dresses. stationary, the list goes on and on.


Listen chevron its time for you to  STOP BEING A PATTERN WHORE. The worst part about you, chevron, is that you are like a bad habit I just can’t kick.  I KNOW I see you everywhere and and on everyone, and Im trying to stop, but some things just look SO CUTE with chevron on them, even in my anger I have to admit, you and I have had a pretty good run. I had a blast learning to paint you on canvas for my craft projects, and making your perfectly symmetrical on my stationary designs, and I almost even bought you as a cover for my potentially new iPad wedding gift because you were on super sale, and you were shiny and gold, but your chameleon tricks don’t fool me anymore. You can’t just change your color to become the next big thing, the flavor of the week, it doesn’t work like that, Chevron. And furthermore  why are you always hogging all the monograms, they were cool before you, do you know that? They don’t need your help to enhance their reputation. Your time in the spot light has to come to an end sometime, and I think that time is now. I cannot handle another year of all the up and down, if you get my drift. While I have very much appreciated the vibrancy and playfulness you can bring to everyday life, I have decided its time for me to move on. No more chevron curtain lusting, no more chevron bathing suit cover ups, no more chevron phone covers. NO MORE. Its over, I have moved on. And, I’m perfectly happy with my new patterned love. Chevron, I think its time you meet your replacement.


Greek key, I mean he couldn’t be any more perfect, linear, yet complex, old but new, a bit more mature. He’s everything you could never be for me in my new adult life and home. Thanks for all the good times Chevron, its been real, but I think were finished here.


Work Weekend Update

This past weekend we had off from traveling for wedding and family affairs, but no rest for the weary!!! We had lots of work to get done around the house, our first house guest, our college friend Matt, came so he and David could go to the Wells Fargo Championship on Sunday, and David parent’s came up for a day trip on Saturday to help our with some painting, to take some unruly hostas off our hands, and to get some wedding/rehearsal dinner things crossed off our to-do list! So, things were pretty jam packed. While David and his Dad put in a little elbow grease at the house, his mom and I were off to the Metrolina Expo for the monthly marketplace event, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite things, and I WILL get David out there with me one day, because I think it would be fuuuuun, but he has a different opinion, haha!


There weren’t as many people there as last month when they had the big “semi annual extravaganza” but that doesn’t upset me, it wasn’t as stressful and I felt like we could take our time and just kind of wander, last time I felt like I was so overwhelmed with stuff I could barely function. We found lots of good stuff, David’s mom tons of jars and vases for the rehearsal dinner, which is what she was on the hunt for all day, and I got a card basket for the reception, as well as a galvanized tub we have to have with sand in it for the sparklers at the reception (fire marshall rules!!!) and then a some cute little mercury glass vases for our bedroom for like $6 a piece, holler! And then an orange scarf because I couldn’t resist and some metal letters for an upcoming craft project (but more on that later, ya know, after i complete it!)

While David’s mom and I were making our design dreams a reality, David was dealing with what has become known as the “hosta situation” around our house. One weekend we went home to visit my parents before we left there were no plants or shrubs around the deck, and we came back the beginnings of a JUNGLE had sprouted out of the ground, and in just a few short weeks, the hostas have grown half way up the deck railing, this picture isnt even the most recent.


they are probably like over two feet tall now, its absurd. People think we are joking about how many there are and how HUGE they are but its RIDICULOUS. they are planted way too close together, way too close to the deck and there are just… way too many! Even David’s parents we’re kind of shocked. So, needless to say after David spent several hours digging them up yesterday and bagging them up for his mom to take home, we still have over half of them left. We might transplant them to the edge of our yard where there is a big drop off, as kind of an edge. But once we got them all in David’s parent’s car, we weren’t at all sad to say “hosta luego” to them!
Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 11.09.42 AM

While David played Mr. Landscaper, his dad was finishing the baseboards and edging in the master and guest bedroom, Im so glad we have had him to help with all the painting because if it were up to David and I, we might have had paint all over the floors and ceilings, for sure! In addition to David’s parents being here Saturday his friend Matt came into town, and we cooked a little Cinco De Mayo dinner and made some delicious margaritas per my Dad’s highly sought after recipe! Still not spilling the beans!!!




It was so great to have a weekend and home and not have to run up and down the interstate all over the two-state. And I loved being able to catch up on blogging, clean a little, and get some laundry and grocery shopping done, house-wife statuuuuus! Next weekend its back on the road for me, for my second bridal shower, and David will be entertaining some more house guests (his brother, nephew, and maybe my Dad!)


Dining Room Dreaming

Right now is probably the worst time to be posting about how excited I am to decorate our dining room, considering It is currently being referred to as our “holding room” aka the room that holds all our shower and wedding gifts until we find somewhere we can actually store them in our house! BUT its pretty much a blank canvas staring me in the face everyday, so I cant resist day dreaming about it every time I sit in the living room thinking about how empty and lonely it looks! We repainted the room for a really terrible tiffany blue (a color I love, just not on the wall) to a really serene blue gray. I feel like this color really makes the wainscoting pop off the wall AND it looks even more awesome since we have replaced the old ugly bamboo shades with some nice white 2″ faux wood plantation shutters, our first new house splurge, but I don’t regret it one bit, but more on that next week!


When I think about how I want my dining room to look, I am convinced I live in the wrong region. I have such a Charleston look in my mind, so its kind of hard trying to figure out how to bring it to Huntersville, but I know its exactly what I want! I found this great article about all the crucial elements to include in your “Charlestonian dining room” so I will be sure to take these to heart as I continue planning the room!

Let me preface these pictures by saying I was probably drawn to the blue because it was easiest to imagine recreating this in my already blue dining room, but don’t let that discount my true love for these awesome interior designs!


After searching and searching I think David and I have definitely decided that a dark wood table is the way to go, because it will be pretty timeless. Im not super into the base on this one, I want something that won’t look aged and out of date in a few years, but I do love the white chairs! David had a time talking me out of an all white dining set, but I am getting used to the idea, and I think the brown will be a nice way to break everything up and give it a bit more formality, plus it hard to pull off the all white away from the coast!


In addition to the white chairs here I also really love the buffet! Perfect for storage, ads a pop of color and it isn’t some HUGE mass of wood just hanging out in the room, I hate that, I feel like it really brings everything down, and I am aiming for a little more bright and airy.


Speaking of china storage, HUBBA HUBBA! I love these floor to ceiling shelving units that really let the china be on display! I mean if I am not going to use it all the time I at least want to be able to look at how pretty it is! And thats really the point, right? But I dont think David is all for the wall to wall installation so, I lost out on that one.


I really love this room, I think mostly because the feel of the room is so similar to ours with the gray blue paint and the white molding and chair rails, etc. But I love all the LITTLE things in this room, the bright flowers, the tall candle sticks, the round table and mis-matched, but still coordinating, chairs. I am kind of digging the round table, and I read in the article I referenced above that the round tables are better for smaller spaces where you can’t fit a longer table to sit a ton of people, so I think that is a viable option for us as well, but I don’t know that a round table would be me “forever table” and for what formal dining tables cost, I feel like that’s what I need to be looking for.


I also really like the casual look of this room, it could be dressed up really easily, unfortunately David hates wicker, so that out, and I have to say im not a huge fan of it in the dining room, but I do like the SHAPE of these chairs, which I think is what drew me to this design in the first place. We will see how it pans out. I am sure our dining room will end up being a hodge podge of all these different things.  But I know we will get it right at some point. trial and error is the name of the game!


I am also toying with the idea of getting some really luxurious end-cap chairs to kind of spice things up a bit. I think it will really finish off the room nicely. I just love the way they make a big statement and then if you’re lucky enough to get to sit in the big comfy chair, you will feel special. I have a feeling if we do this, scotch guard will be my best friend, because I will LITERALLY die if someone dumps their dinner all over my fancy fabric chairs! I can’t wait to start working on this room and getting everything organized, although I know that is a few months out. But a girl can dream, right?

Looking glass, looking glass what do you see?

When I picked out the…muse for our master bedroom at the new house one of the key components was the mercury glass lamps on the bed side tables. I have been oogling all different kinds of mercury glass lamps for a while, from pottery barn, west elm, and a few other places, and I just couldnt justify spending a few hundred bucks on a light for the bedroom, so I took to the internet to see what kind of solution I could come up with. I remembered seeing several pins about making your own mercury glass and since I already had that looking glass mirror spray I figured it would be pretty easy.

Once I found my tutorial the next step was to find the perfect cheap glass lamps to deface. last year I did a post about tinting my glass lamp in my bedroom and I made it orange. Well, Since it was only covered with mod podge and food color, David’s contribution to this project was to use nail polish remover and hot water to return the lamp to its original clear glory.


It took a little elbow grease but he was able to get all the orange off. Then, I was on the hunt for lamp #2. I was determined to have matching lamps from IKEA and went to pick up another of these $22 glass lamps, but they were all sold out and on back order. Glass is clearly all the rage. So, I decided to pick up a smaller version and if I absolutely hated the size proportions, then I could use that lamp somewhere else and keep looking or wait until the larger ones were back in stock. Then on the way out of IKEA, as always we stopped by the AS-IS bin to see what we could score. It was definitely a win! I got this awesome lamp for 50% off and it was GORGEOUS! and I love it.


See! So pretty! So, all you need for this little craft project is some Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint (I got mine at Wal Mart, I always have trouble finding it at Michael’s) and a mixture of water and vinegar. Spray a light even coat of the spray paint on each lamp base (you will probably have to do a few layers) But after each layer you want to flick a little bit of the water mixture on the paint, it dries pretty quickly so anything longer than 5 minutes really starts to diminish the effect (known from personal experience)


The picture above is my lamp with several layers of paint on it. After the first few layers it was almost completely see-through with the light on, so that didnt work. once you splatter the water all over the lamp, use a damp rag to dab it off. DO NOT RUB, just dab up the water.


This will start to remove the finish. If you are having issues with the paint coming up, try adding more of the vinegar because the acidity is what eats through the paint. You want to repeat this process for every layer of pain that you do, I did about 4 or 5. I was pretty satisfied with the outcome, however after purchasing a few other mercury glass bits and pieces for the room, I think I really would have liked it a lot more if I did a light layer of gold underneath, since most mercury glass pieces seem to have a gold undertone. I am probably going to strip it down and try again with the gold, so I will keep you posted on the results! But here is how they look in the room for now!