Yah Mon – The Honeymoon


David and I reppin the Tiger Rag in Jamaica

I know you probably want to know more about the wedding than read about David and I laying around on the beach drinking cocktails, but our honeymoon was so relaxing and awesome, AND I don’t quite have my mind wrapped around how exactly I want to blog all things wedding without going overboard. SO, honeymoon it is!


David and I went to the Sandals Whitehouse Resort is Westmoreland, Jamaica for our honeymoon, and it was fabulous! The beaches were gorgeous the staff was awesome, super friendly, and tons of fun! The food was better than I was expecting for an all inclusive set up AND I most loved that we were pretty much unconnected for an entire week of post-wedding decompression. It was definitely the way to go!


The first day we were there it was a bit rainy, but the weather cleared up and was nice the rest of the week, there was tons to do and see just around the resort so we didn’t spend much time doing anything else (plus we were into the free activities: kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, water trikes -hahaha, trust me its comical! , swimming…. up to the bar to get drinks, floating in the pool, snorkeling…which I chickened out on, and SCUBA diving if you were certified, which we were not)


After talking with some of our friends who had been to Sandals before we were a little worried about the restaurants being crowded or there not being enough room at the pools to sit etc, but we didn’t seem to run into any of those problems, between the 7 restaurants, 3 pools, and tons of beach it felt like the resort was empty when in fact there were like 500 other people there at the same time as us. I didn’t really think about it before hand but it was really bizarre to show up and be spending a week with a ton of people who just got married on the same day as us! I just didn’t think this trough! But it was a blast to exchange wedding war stories and talk about funny things our guests did and compare notes on everything!


One night at dinner the waitress carried our dessert from the kitchen to our table on her head… and did a little dance! It was quite comical!

Also, one of my prouder moments, I convinced David that we needed to get a massage, which was quite a feat for me since he doesn’t like to be touched and is super ticklish. I told him the hot stone massage was his best option for optimal enjoyment and getting all those huge knots out of his back he always complains about. So we go to the little spa, and there was a lot of forced PDA. They made us hold hands to walk into the room, and at the end of the massage, the made us awkwardly hold hands while still laying on the tables.


David before our massage– he seems thrilled, don’t you think?

They are really into forced PDA at Sandals by the way, between the couples massage, the Sandals Paparazzi and the staff you would try to get to take pictures of you for free on your OWN camera so you didnt have to pay for it later…. someone was always telling you to hold hands or kiss or something like that. For example one night at dinner we asked someone to take our picture… and before she gave the camera back we had 6 pictures of us kissing or… sitting close together… OR feeding each other– exhibit A:


David feeding me dessert, I am not as amused as he is by this activity.

Also, on our trip we learned… I am terrible at pool. I had always suspected this, but it was definitely validated during our week at sandals. There was a rec center near our room that had 4 pool tables so we always found ourselves stopping by on the way to and from dinner or the pool, just to have a chance to do something else. We must have played more than 20 games while we were there and I only beat David twice… once was because he hit the 8 ball in before the game was over. Like I said, my skills are lacking. I was convinced if we kept playing I would get better and I think I actually got worse, so that’s embarrassing!


David schooling me at pool.

Enough about the activities, lets talk views, this place was gorgeous. By the second day we had picked our spot on the beach that we sat at every morning before lunch and then in the afternoon we made our way to one of the pools for some floating, drinking, and uselessness. Except one day when they were having water aerobics at the pool which was less than appealing.  Envision an angry Sue Sylvester-esque  Jamaican screaming pool aerobics exercises at you. There were about 10 people in the pool that actually braved the class, everyone else was just sitting in lounge chairs… watching in fear that this person might call us out and make us get in and exercise. But apart from that, the lounging was awesome! So awesome that we did pretty much nothing else. And we loved every minute of it!



One Month to Wedding Month!

This past weekend was my last bridal shower and my last weekend in Augusta until we go back for our wedding, I almost can’t even believe we’re almost there. I feel like we have been talking about it and planning it for ages and now its so close I can almost taste it. WOOT!


My last shower was with all my dance girls from home, which was so great since they have been like my second family growing up and I feel like I spent so much of my life there! I even taught a dance class the morning before David and I got engaged, what I can say, ya can’t pull me away! The shower was great we played lots of games, which was fun since I haven’t done any at any of my other showers. We did some wedding mad libs which were HILARIOUS and we learned that we are NOT good at parts of speech, which was embarrassing, and we also played toilet paper bride, which I have never done before.


There were some pretty intense dresses, which I guess is what happens when you get together a bunch of dancers who hae been doing costuming since they could breath. I didnt get to make my own dress, although, I did get to be the model, and my BFF dressed me in my toilet paper wedding day best, haha shes such a gem. Here is a picture of my sister and I all decked out for the toilet paper dress fashion show… which was pretty ridic considering the dresses were so delicate we could barely walk in them!


So fashionable, don’t you think 😉 Apart from the shower I tried to spend some time getting ready for the final push before the wedding, trying to figure out what I had left to-do and what things I didn’t need to worry about doing any more. I am proud to say that I am almost completely done with all my wedding projects, and I will get to cruise into wedding month with less stress than I had originally anticipated, which is greatly appreciated! All I have left to do is finish designing the programs and then put together the favors right before the wedding, so I think thats pretty awesome! Looking forward to sharing more wedding details with you guys as the big day approaches, mostly because I won’t be able to help myself!!!!!

Savory Summer Treats

Its almost summer and that mean oodles and oodles of fresh fruits and veggies. My favorite. Growing up in the south, I was never a stranger to freshly grown produce, especially in the summer. My moms parents still plant their garden every year, and when I was growing up my parents planted a garden and used to make us help maintain it during the HOT HOT summer months, which I always hated, but loved the end product… although I will never enjoy picking beans. Its THE WORST. I even remember when I was really young, my great grand father used to come over and drop off fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, string beans, just anything and everything. So, to say that I have a love of fresh produce is probably an understatement. Now that its warm and the crops are producing, David and I have already scoped out where the closest farmers market is to our new place, and we can’t wait to go check it out this weekend!!!! But, I have to say, that as soon as it got warm, David and I couldn’t resist making some sweet pickled cucumbers, to start our summer stash off right. These will be a staple in our fridge until cucumbers go out of season, and I can’t wait.

My Mom’s parents have always been really into pickling and I think that it has kind of rubbed off on David, he says he wants to spend some time with them learning how to do it right, and so we always joke that he is going to enroll in Mimi’s pickling school one day… but I can’t say I would hate it if he did. These “pickles” are probably some of the easiest to make and they don’t require much sitting and soaking, just a few hours of sitting in the fridge and they are ready to serve. If you grew up southern, you have probably had these a billion times, if you DIDN’T, you’re missing out and you need to run out and buy these 3 ingredients and make them ASAP!



  • several medium sized cucumbers, peeled and sliced
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Salt and Pepper to taste (if desired — i typically salt and pepper them on my plate before I eat them)



In a large bowl mix together equal parts of cider vinegar and sugar… I know this seems kind of crazy, but I promise its the right proportions. You want to make sure you get as much of the sugar dissolved in the vinegar as possible, before you add in the cucumbers.




Once you have the vinegar mixture ready, peel and slice the cucumbers into thick sections. Then place them into the vinegar. Once the container is almost full, put the lid on TIGHT and give the container and little shake to get everything all mixed up and ready to go. Once you have done that, place them in the fridge for a few hours, then serve cool! Sorry… I was so into eating them that I forgot to take a final picture 😦 Don’t hate me. I mean they don’t look too different just a little darker and a little more shriveled. But they taste AMAZING! So, if you’re looking for a fresh summer side dish, I definitely recommend this, you won’t be sorry, unless you hate pickles, in which case, I’m sorry for you!

The Royal Wedding Shower

This past weekend I got to pretend I was a little kid again, and spend the afternoon playing dress up and having a tea party, and it was so much fun!


Since the bridal showers are starting to wind down and were getting into serious wedding season where my to-do list keeps growing and growing and my stress levels are bound to start rising, it was great to have a fun themed shower!


This one was with all my family from Augusta and then my friends my age. David’s mom and Bridget (my future sister-in-law) also came. I like to think I inspired lots of craft projects, since a majority of the fascinators people wore for the shower were DIY. Which was fun! Here is a close up of my fascinator, after I finished making it!

We also had a legitimate tea party with scones, finger sandwiches, petitfores, and a variety of teas! It was tasty, and like I keep saying, so much fun! It was a little more intimate than all my other showers and I really enjoyed being able to have a legitimate conversation with everyone that was there as opposed to “Hi, bye, thanks for the gift”

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 7.59.17 PM


Everyone looked so cute in their tea attire, and my favorite part was watching everyone come in the door and show off their fascinator for the first time. So comical. Although, I have to admit, watching everyone try to fasten them to their heads when we were getting ready was also funny. Everyone was walking around with their heads cocked partially sideways because they were afraid the fascinators might fall off. BUT! Fear not, I had the gift of learning to bobby pin in dance class, so I had those head pieces on LOCK! And of all the fascinators I fastened only 1 fell out. Snaps to me!



Real life, if you’re looking for a different theme for a shower, I highly recommend this one! It was great, and I am sure my aunts would love to share some tips on how to plan the perfect afternoon tea. We are all already looking for a reason to wear our fascinators to our next family get together (unless that happens to be my wedding, then, I hope they leave them at home!!)


3 Months and Counting!

Our wedding is less than 3 months away and things are really starting to pick up with making final plans, attending showers, going to fittings, etc etc etc. And trying to remember all the legalities like getting a marriage license, obtaining new passports or loacting our old ones,  and trying to figure out how to become my new alter ego “Mrs. Stokes”, after the wedding. This weekend was also my second bridal shower. We traveled up to my Mom’s hometown to celebrate with some of my extended family, and my grandmother’s close friends/ friends of the family. My two aunts planned and coordinated the shower and they did an awesome job!


Wedding Shower Serving Table.

All the food was homemade and delicious! There were cheese straws, brie cheese, sandwich rolls, veggie trays, spinach dip, fruit trays, petit fores, and butter mints, and lots of other tasty treats! If you ever need an appetizer menu for a party, my family can hook you up, because we love some tasty appetizers! I was so blessed to spend the day with all my family celebrating at the shower!


Mom, Me, Mimi (my mom’s mom), My sister (The MOH!)

She was so sweet and played hosetess all weekend and even had a fun little pre-shower bunch on Saturday morning, which was also really tasty, because apart from appetizers, my family also loves breakfast, if you haven’t noticed a trend here….. my first bridal shower was a brunch! My grandma literally went all out, she had breakfast casserole, fruit, muffins, bagels, a variety of pickled veggies, mimosas, coffee, ya know the whole 9 yards! And she even set a fancy little table! Too cute!


Brunch table settings!

She was a great hostess for my “new family” and my Dad’s mom (my Nana) who all traveled from out of town to celebrate with us! It was definitely a fun girls weekend and I think we all enjoyed a break away from our respective male counterparts, since they all stayed at home!


Me with David’s Mom and Bridget, my future sister-in-law.

We had an awesome weekend, and I love being able to see my family so much, maybe I should get married every year! David and I are so fortunate to have so many people who love and support us and want to help make the beginning of this new chapter in our lives SO special!


Me with both my grandmas!

This weekend we’re off to Lexington for a couples shower and BBQ! I have to admit, I don’t hate all the delicious eats either! We’re having so much fun seeing everyone and celebrating with them I feel like I am going to be kind of sad on August 11 when its all over!!! But until then, party on!

Work Weekend Update

This past weekend we had off from traveling for wedding and family affairs, but no rest for the weary!!! We had lots of work to get done around the house, our first house guest, our college friend Matt, came so he and David could go to the Wells Fargo Championship on Sunday, and David parent’s came up for a day trip on Saturday to help our with some painting, to take some unruly hostas off our hands, and to get some wedding/rehearsal dinner things crossed off our to-do list! So, things were pretty jam packed. While David and his Dad put in a little elbow grease at the house, his mom and I were off to the Metrolina Expo for the monthly marketplace event, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite things, and I WILL get David out there with me one day, because I think it would be fuuuuun, but he has a different opinion, haha!


There weren’t as many people there as last month when they had the big “semi annual extravaganza” but that doesn’t upset me, it wasn’t as stressful and I felt like we could take our time and just kind of wander, last time I felt like I was so overwhelmed with stuff I could barely function. We found lots of good stuff, David’s mom tons of jars and vases for the rehearsal dinner, which is what she was on the hunt for all day, and I got a card basket for the reception, as well as a galvanized tub we have to have with sand in it for the sparklers at the reception (fire marshall rules!!!) and then a some cute little mercury glass vases for our bedroom for like $6 a piece, holler! And then an orange scarf because I couldn’t resist and some metal letters for an upcoming craft project (but more on that later, ya know, after i complete it!)

While David’s mom and I were making our design dreams a reality, David was dealing with what has become known as the “hosta situation” around our house. One weekend we went home to visit my parents before we left there were no plants or shrubs around the deck, and we came back the beginnings of a JUNGLE had sprouted out of the ground, and in just a few short weeks, the hostas have grown half way up the deck railing, this picture isnt even the most recent.


they are probably like over two feet tall now, its absurd. People think we are joking about how many there are and how HUGE they are but its RIDICULOUS. they are planted way too close together, way too close to the deck and there are just… way too many! Even David’s parents we’re kind of shocked. So, needless to say after David spent several hours digging them up yesterday and bagging them up for his mom to take home, we still have over half of them left. We might transplant them to the edge of our yard where there is a big drop off, as kind of an edge. But once we got them all in David’s parent’s car, we weren’t at all sad to say “hosta luego” to them!
Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 11.09.42 AM

While David played Mr. Landscaper, his dad was finishing the baseboards and edging in the master and guest bedroom, Im so glad we have had him to help with all the painting because if it were up to David and I, we might have had paint all over the floors and ceilings, for sure! In addition to David’s parents being here Saturday his friend Matt came into town, and we cooked a little Cinco De Mayo dinner and made some delicious margaritas per my Dad’s highly sought after recipe! Still not spilling the beans!!!




It was so great to have a weekend and home and not have to run up and down the interstate all over the two-state. And I loved being able to catch up on blogging, clean a little, and get some laundry and grocery shopping done, house-wife statuuuuus! Next weekend its back on the road for me, for my second bridal shower, and David will be entertaining some more house guests (his brother, nephew, and maybe my Dad!)


Golden Anniversary

This past weekend we spent time with my grandparents celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary!!! I feel like this is an awesome accomplishment, especially this day in time, and an amazing testament to their love and loyalty. I feel like David and I have been really fortunate to witness their relationship, and their celebration of 50 years together.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 8.48.59 PM

They started dating when they were 16, so they said their marriage has been a testament that young love lasts, but I think its more than that. They are both extremely understanding, caring, honest, and loyal. All things that I think are key in any relationship, but especially a marriage. This weekend she told David and I her little pearl of wisdom to share with us before our wedding, while relatively simple and a little cliche, was to never go to bed angry. The underlying context being to not hold grudges, be good at communicating, and to not let the little things get you down, and of course, don’t take life to seriously. The party was so great and a wonderful opportunity for them to celebrate with family and friends! And, of course another fun event for us to plan! The guys were in charge of making all the bar-b-que, the cooked a whole hog and several chickens for the 60+ guests, and the ladies were in charge of all the coordinating and decorating, you know all the fun stuff!


My mom, aunts, sister and I tagged teamed to make these cute centerpieces happen. We hit up an awesome fabric shop in Huntersville on weekend to get the burlap. And then my aunt got the cute little lanterns and candles on sale somewhere, Rachel and I went on a fun little adventure to collect lots of greenery and flowers and we managed to pull it together. Buuuut what I really want to focus on is my little adventure with my sister. The flowers and leaves weren’t originally part of the decor but we decided the tables looked a little bare and my aunt had these magnolia trees in her yard so we went and collected some free greenery and purchased the flowers. However, nothing related to yard work has ever been simple with my sister and me, so… since words won’t do it justice, I will just let you watch what happened.

Yeah, struggles. So once we got those leaves all taken care of we were also able to set up all the cute little centerpieces and these centerpieces on the head table!

I also loved all the little things that they had, like old pictures of my grandparents, their wedding album, love letters they had written to each other while my grandmother was in college, and some other fun little pieces my aunt was able to find on our last adventure at the metrolina! (ps. I have another one of those coming up with David’s mom this weekend to hunt for things for the rehearsal dinner, so stay tuned!)

My favorite piece was the fact that my grandmother pulled out her wedding dress and we were actually able to display it at the party! I thought that was such a cool dress, and I couldn’t believe how well it held up considering it wasn’t all “preserved” and such. But it was still really cool to be able to see it and touch it and look at it!



And, of course we had to have the cake, and my mom and her brother and sister got them a nice little serving set, just like a wedding! Woot! So we got to watch them all cut the cake, but unfortunately there was not cake stuffing… but no promises for following that model behavior in august 😉



It was a great weekend, and so wonderful to be able to commemorate such an awesome event in my grandparents lives with them! You could tell they were so excited to be surrounded by all their family and friends to celebrate and I felt like it was such an awesome reminder about what marriage is all about only a few months before David and I say “I-do”. We have actually been extremely fortunate to be able to celebrate a few big anniversaries in our family around our wedding, this 50th with my grandparents, my parents 25th last summer, and David’s parents 30th! All such awesome inspirations for us as we begin our lives together. We are so lucky to have all of them!

Dining Room Dreaming

Right now is probably the worst time to be posting about how excited I am to decorate our dining room, considering It is currently being referred to as our “holding room” aka the room that holds all our shower and wedding gifts until we find somewhere we can actually store them in our house! BUT its pretty much a blank canvas staring me in the face everyday, so I cant resist day dreaming about it every time I sit in the living room thinking about how empty and lonely it looks! We repainted the room for a really terrible tiffany blue (a color I love, just not on the wall) to a really serene blue gray. I feel like this color really makes the wainscoting pop off the wall AND it looks even more awesome since we have replaced the old ugly bamboo shades with some nice white 2″ faux wood plantation shutters, our first new house splurge, but I don’t regret it one bit, but more on that next week!


When I think about how I want my dining room to look, I am convinced I live in the wrong region. I have such a Charleston look in my mind, so its kind of hard trying to figure out how to bring it to Huntersville, but I know its exactly what I want! I found this great article about all the crucial elements to include in your “Charlestonian dining room” so I will be sure to take these to heart as I continue planning the room!

Let me preface these pictures by saying I was probably drawn to the blue because it was easiest to imagine recreating this in my already blue dining room, but don’t let that discount my true love for these awesome interior designs!


After searching and searching I think David and I have definitely decided that a dark wood table is the way to go, because it will be pretty timeless. Im not super into the base on this one, I want something that won’t look aged and out of date in a few years, but I do love the white chairs! David had a time talking me out of an all white dining set, but I am getting used to the idea, and I think the brown will be a nice way to break everything up and give it a bit more formality, plus it hard to pull off the all white away from the coast!


In addition to the white chairs here I also really love the buffet! Perfect for storage, ads a pop of color and it isn’t some HUGE mass of wood just hanging out in the room, I hate that, I feel like it really brings everything down, and I am aiming for a little more bright and airy.


Speaking of china storage, HUBBA HUBBA! I love these floor to ceiling shelving units that really let the china be on display! I mean if I am not going to use it all the time I at least want to be able to look at how pretty it is! And thats really the point, right? But I dont think David is all for the wall to wall installation so, I lost out on that one.


I really love this room, I think mostly because the feel of the room is so similar to ours with the gray blue paint and the white molding and chair rails, etc. But I love all the LITTLE things in this room, the bright flowers, the tall candle sticks, the round table and mis-matched, but still coordinating, chairs. I am kind of digging the round table, and I read in the article I referenced above that the round tables are better for smaller spaces where you can’t fit a longer table to sit a ton of people, so I think that is a viable option for us as well, but I don’t know that a round table would be me “forever table” and for what formal dining tables cost, I feel like that’s what I need to be looking for.


I also really like the casual look of this room, it could be dressed up really easily, unfortunately David hates wicker, so that out, and I have to say im not a huge fan of it in the dining room, but I do like the SHAPE of these chairs, which I think is what drew me to this design in the first place. We will see how it pans out. I am sure our dining room will end up being a hodge podge of all these different things.  But I know we will get it right at some point. trial and error is the name of the game!


I am also toying with the idea of getting some really luxurious end-cap chairs to kind of spice things up a bit. I think it will really finish off the room nicely. I just love the way they make a big statement and then if you’re lucky enough to get to sit in the big comfy chair, you will feel special. I have a feeling if we do this, scotch guard will be my best friend, because I will LITERALLY die if someone dumps their dinner all over my fancy fabric chairs! I can’t wait to start working on this room and getting everything organized, although I know that is a few months out. But a girl can dream, right?

Wedding Shower Weekend

This weekend we ha dour first wedding shower in Augusta! It was so much fun to see lots of people from home, and to celebrate such a monumental life event with all the people who have had a hand in shaping my life. This shower was thrown by the wives in my parents supper club group from church. I was excited to be able to share the day with all of them, and appreciate all their hard work in preparing for the day, especially Ms. Jane for making those delicious shrimp and grits and few other dishes, even though she wouldn’t be able to be there because her daughter was trying out for Rallycats at Clemson (which she made, WOOT!)


Me with all the hostesses (minus Jane!)

The shower so awesome! We had a brunch, because breakfast is only the most awesome meal of the day!!! They served lots of deliciousness, like shrimp and grits, quiche, fruit salad, petit fours, and lots of other deliciously wonderful pastries!


Everything was also decorated to a T! It was so cute!!! And it was fun to be “queen for the day!!” Is that ever not fun!? The answer is no. I also loved how they made everything really personalized, so I had monogrammed petit fours, and mimosa cups!


And who doesn’t love a monogram!? Although it was weird to see my married monogram slapped all over everything haha, I haven’t really used it for much of anything yet! But, like I said, the decor was great. They were able to set everything up in the same room so we could all sit together, and all the centerpieces were so well put together, plus we all know I love to decorate.


We got lots of fun gifts, including this really awesome monogrammed serving tray. David was sad he keeps getting excluded haha! He said “why can’t they just put an ‘S’ on everything why does it have to be all about you!?” But… lets be honest, when is David ever going to use a monogrammed serving tray? Never. Alright, moving on!


We got lots of awesomely useful things for our new house, curtains, a comforter set, some plates, kitchen things, yard tools, decorator items, sheets, pillows, a little bit of everything. I have to say, we had pretty good timing with the new house and the wedding! I can’t wait to get everything unpacked and washed and be able to use it all! Speaking of packed…. we had Rhonda the honda loaded down with stuff on the way home, we probably looked like the rednecks come to town, but at least we were able to get it all in the car! 
IMG_3437All in all it was a great weekend, and an awesome first event! I am so excited to start doing less stressful wedding things, like going to showers and parties, because sitting around making spread sheets and t0-do lists is stressing. me. out. So its nice to have a little break!





Vote to Support Autism Research and Awareness

ChrisHi, Loyal CPandB readers! 
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Again thank you, Kristin for helping me get the word out. Thank you, Dragon Con for  this opportunity! 
All the best! 
Chris Watts


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Marcus Autism Center is the largest not-for-profit autism research and treatment center in the United States, treating more than 5,000 children a year. It is dedicated to developing innovative solutions through research. As and NIH Autism Center of Excellence, our team is committed to early diagnosis and evidence-based interventions to improve outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). With our team of national experts and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Marcus Autism Center is dedicated to helping children realize their greatest potential.

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