No Risk- No Reward

Disclaimer: This seemed a better place to share my experience than blasting it all over Facebook, I’m not back to posting all the time, but maybe….only time will tell!

Today I’m quitting my day job. A year ago my life was in a frenzy, but not the good kind. For some of you the last time we talked I just got back from my Honeymoon, so a lot has changed since then. For others, friends, relatives, co-workers, you might have been following my adventure closely, or from afar, on social media, etc, but given the HUGE leap I feel like I’m taking today, I thought it was appropriate to put it all out there. A) for myself, as a kind of reminder of this time in my life, when i need it down the road, and B) because as we all know, inquiring minds want to know!

Rewind: Like I said, a year ago my life was in a frenzy. I wasn’t happy/satisfied/excited, etc about the work aspect of my life, which is pretty sad, since most people I had close contact with know that my work was BASICALLY my life. I was working full time and spending the other hours of my life as a slave to the business I was so desperately trying to build. In an effort to make a change, or find an alternative to not sleeping and running myself ragged, I started looking for other job opportunities to leave my current position (if you’re currently looking for a job, you know is ALSO a job in itself!!) After a few phone interviews, and no solid leads, this bullet train of an opportunity came barreling into my station. I needed change and this job had change written all over it. It was work from home, I was getting TONS of opportunities and responsibilities to get in on the ground floor on, what sounded like, an amazing local opportunity, AND I would be working for someone who seemed to have the same mindset as me when it came to the type of workI wanted to do. We had similar interests, he was super smart, and knew all his shit. So, after SEVERAL interviews that lasted a few hours each, I was excited to take the opportunity when it was offered. As the role was part of a start up, my involvement was going to grow over time, which seemed great, it didn’t require me to make any sudden changes (ie. no risks). I could phase out of my current job as the role grew (I had already dabbled with the idea of becoming part time at my office job, so that was on their radar) and it seemed like I was holding all the cards, unfortunately it was because I was about to fold.

After a week of delving into this new opportunity I realized I couldn’t even answer some of the easy questions about the job “What will you be doing?” — Im not sure… “So whats the pay structure?”– uuuhh?? Its based on ROI?? “What are your responsibilities?” — I would always fumble through some confusing response as I thumbed through pages and pages of notes about what EXACTLY I was responsible for. As the weight of the uncertainty and the responsibility of my presumed new role started weighing on me mentally, it took a physical toll on me as well. A few days after accepting the job I ended up in the hospital with severe stomach pains, nausea, the shakes, etc. The people at the ER were convinced I had appendicitis (I did not) and then it was finger pointing at a slew of other weird medical problems (for which I tested negatively), so, then it was all chalked up to an anxiety attack. Cool. And they told me that my body was basically doing anything it could to get me to stop and slow down. Noted. So I spent a lot of time the following weekend trying to pinpoint the cause of my stress. I decided to reneg. on the opportunity for this new job. At the time, I wrestled with a lot of regret. I knew it had the potential to be something great, to give me a lot of great experience, to do a lot of cool shit, but what about what I was doing? I was already trying to build something I could stamp my name on, to do something that would give me tons of experience, something I could be proud of, AND I had put an expiration date on my project. I hit a hard reset that weekend and went back to the drawing board.

The point of that backstory is so that you realize this RISK, or change, or opportunity, or whatever you want to call it, this new adventure that I’m starting today, has been a long time in the making, and definitely wasn’t with out its bumps and potholes and flat tires on the road to get here.

When I started my business It was a side gig to make some extra spending money. After my first month I was so excited I made something now comical like $100 designing invitations and selling them on Etsy. “Yay me,” I thought. Well, after our wedding my “little side venture” exploded I was spending oodles of time adding new designs, picking up new projects and hammering out BUTTONS as fast as I could. It was kind of comical, because I had never intended for it to get to that point, but, since it had, I was excited to see where it went. In the back of my mind  I thought, “gah, how cool if I could just do this all the time!?!” After a year or so of late nights, sacrificed social life, and free time,  I was in the previuosly detailed position, and after spending days and days running through numbers and scenarios in my head I took the “mini-risk” to approach my current job about assuming a part time role with them. (side note: my position had initially been part time, and then I picked up a few extra projects, like blogging and social media marketing to come on full time). Because of that, it was pretty easy to scale back to my previous position, so I did, with little push back or arguments. Cool! Now I had something like 15-20 extra hours a week to work on my business. Expiration Date: I’m doing this thing by 30 or I’m not doing it at all. Like 100% supporting myself on business that I curate from my site and other networking/promotion activities.  That gives me about 4 years and a month or so to pull it all together. And  I think I’m doing a damn good job. We shall see.

In fall of 2014 I went part time with my current job. My new life in “mini risk” mode was great! I pumped  up my offerings, took on more freelance/contract based work and for a while it seemed like things were settling.

Enter 2015. The year I vowed to make myself a priority, to listen to my body, AND to grow my business.
1) We’re on this health kick, I’m totally digging it and feel awesome – so that’s the part about me being a priority- since I wasn’t slaving over my work during all my available waking hours, I had time to focus on myself, which was nice for a change.
2) I was FORCED to focus on my business when I realized I had no idea how to even run a business (not to worry— I’ve had no choice but to figure it out!)

I filed for my LLC in August of 2014 (so its been almost a year of official business!) So, that meant people other than my friends, family and etsy knew I existed. Then the obligations started rolling in: Taxes, Annual Reports, Sales and Use Tax payments, Book Keeping, Marketing, Quarterly Estimated Taxes, all of it. I got an attorney, and a CPA, and I was feeling somewhat more equipped to handle my shit, or at least knew I had people that would tell me if I was handling it wrong, so that was a comfort. Considering the number of “WHAT AM I DOING?” “I’M SO STUPID!” “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS” breakdowns I had AT my husband during the course of 5 or 6 months, it’s a wonder he still talks to me. I mean, after all the buttons he’s made, printer problems he’s fixed, stress milkshakes he purchased, and pennies he’s pinched to help me get to today, I feel pretty lucky!

Enter the bragging, I really am so SO lucky to have him. He’s about 1000% supportive of me chasing my goals and building my dream job. I even ask him all the time if he thinks I’m making the wrong choice, to which he always responds something along the lines of “If you’re happy, its the right choice, we will make it work” and we do. He’s the best. ((swoons!))

So my mini reward for my mini risk, I guess, is that I have gained more control of my life anddd in the free time I did manage to pick up, I built my business to the point that I now have… no more free time… again. Time for change.


I have spent a large amount of pondering how to grow and improve my business. I started a Seth Godin course on building a freelance business a few months ago, and within the first 30 minutes I had taken this golden little nugget of knowledge from it. He talks about the different types of freelancers (I believe there were 4 or 5). After some self-reflecting, I decided I most identified with #1 (some of my friends and family beg to differ, they say I’m a little higher up on the list, some even said as high as 4, but for the sake of the argument… I was a 1. Number 1 is basically a passive participant in their trade. A “cog in the machine,” he calls it. You are involved in transactions that just come to you (aka Etsy- the sales just come to me. I put my stuff out there, people buy it. If im rejected, I rarely know it, no risk, no reward). I didn’t feel like I was putting myself in positions to be on a level 2 or 3 or certainly a level 4 (where people seek you out because of your unique abilities and style of work) but I wanted to be there. So, I decided I had to start focusing more on what I could do to reach those more advanced levels. I contacted local stores, started talking with other people about their businesses, and working to find new outlets to promote my skills and my business. Soon I had landed a cool opportunity with a local retailer that was willing to help me promote my items and even carry some of my merchandise through a wholesale partnership. Pretty awesome! And all I had to do was be willing to take the chance and ask the question, the least she could say was no, but the best she could do was totally change my approach to my business. So, that happened and is still happening and it’s awesome and I’m excited! Then, I realized: more avenues of promotion, more business, more time… more more more of everything, except there was no more free time and definitely no more Kristin to go around! So, I guess, as we say at our house, “the time has come the walrus said…”

About a month ago I began toying with the idea of taking on a larger level of involvement with a contract position that afforded me the opportunity to work from home and drop my desk job all together. Again, I got down to crunching numbers, feeling generally stressed and anxious, and then finally I just bit the bullet. I put together a timeline and gave my notice. My mom has always said I don’t spend much time tiptoing around decisions, so I suppose by the time it came down to formulating a plan, I had already made a decision that I was going to do it, as soon as the logistics worked out.

So, what does that mean? It means that, as of today, at 5:30 PM, EST, I will be pretty much solely responsible for making my dream work. I’ll be working from home, giving up lots of my “for sures” and taking on a lot of “hope sos” and “fingers crossed.” I keep referring to this change as a risk, but someone at work told me earlier this week that a risk is something you do with out having any idea what will happen. He was pretty blunt with me when he said he knew I had planned and prepared for this change, and that I knew what I had to do to keep the wheels turning. It wasn’t an unknown, it was a calculated, progressive step towards my future. I’ve crunched the numbers, I’ve made my spreadsheets, and my lists and my goal is set in stone – 30 or bust! Let’s do this thing.

Now for my shameless “acceptance speech” portion of this post and  a business plug (DUH):
Guys, I’m SO thankful to even have the opportunity to pursue my goals, to have a family that loves and supports me through all the crazy, who allow me to bring my bags of supplies to do projects during family time and vacation, and support me when the crazies find their way to my shop, who help make buttons when the demand is high, and go to bridal shows and craft shows and give me honest feedback, the whole shebang!  They are honestly THE BEST and I love them all. To my friends who have been awesome and liked or shared or purchased from my business’ facebook page or  instagram, or my etsy shop or my website (YES CLICK THEM ALL, LIKE THEM ALL, USE THEM ALL!) you guys are amazing. I wouldn’t be here without each of those shares and likes and comments, purchases, reviews, etc, and I’m so grateful you’ve entrusted me with your projects large, and small AND that you refer me to your friends. If you HAVEN’T had the chance to check out my work, or use my services, I would be eternally thankful if you would give me a chance to show you my stuff, so to speak! I truly love what I do and I am so fortunate to be able to spend all my days doing it! Here’s to my awesome family, my amazing friends, and of course ke design studio!



One Month to Wedding Month!

This past weekend was my last bridal shower and my last weekend in Augusta until we go back for our wedding, I almost can’t even believe we’re almost there. I feel like we have been talking about it and planning it for ages and now its so close I can almost taste it. WOOT!


My last shower was with all my dance girls from home, which was so great since they have been like my second family growing up and I feel like I spent so much of my life there! I even taught a dance class the morning before David and I got engaged, what I can say, ya can’t pull me away! The shower was great we played lots of games, which was fun since I haven’t done any at any of my other showers. We did some wedding mad libs which were HILARIOUS and we learned that we are NOT good at parts of speech, which was embarrassing, and we also played toilet paper bride, which I have never done before.


There were some pretty intense dresses, which I guess is what happens when you get together a bunch of dancers who hae been doing costuming since they could breath. I didnt get to make my own dress, although, I did get to be the model, and my BFF dressed me in my toilet paper wedding day best, haha shes such a gem. Here is a picture of my sister and I all decked out for the toilet paper dress fashion show… which was pretty ridic considering the dresses were so delicate we could barely walk in them!


So fashionable, don’t you think 😉 Apart from the shower I tried to spend some time getting ready for the final push before the wedding, trying to figure out what I had left to-do and what things I didn’t need to worry about doing any more. I am proud to say that I am almost completely done with all my wedding projects, and I will get to cruise into wedding month with less stress than I had originally anticipated, which is greatly appreciated! All I have left to do is finish designing the programs and then put together the favors right before the wedding, so I think thats pretty awesome! Looking forward to sharing more wedding details with you guys as the big day approaches, mostly because I won’t be able to help myself!!!!!

Master Bedroom – Work in Progress

Even though I said this was the first room I was determined to get looking right…I have put a ton of other things ahead of it. We are getting much closer but I still have a few projects left to do. I am sure you remember this picture from when we finished the headboard:


So, here is an update on our progress since then, we are working for something to fill the void over the headboard, because even though it doesnt look like it in this picture, there is a HUGE space there. and then on the other wall across from the bed, we finally got our dresser from ikea and built it…

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.02.23 PM

IKEA- HEMNES 8 drawer dresser

well now our room is a disaster as we try to switch dressers and try to figure out what to do with the old one, and now we need something for that wall, and then I bought this table from a FB friend off FB that I want to use as a dressing table, but it needs to be painted, and I am thinking some kind of metallic but I am not sure how to pull it all together and I think I want to swap out the hardware, but I have an awesome mirror hanging above it right now so I do have that going for me. We have also picked out curtains, buuut we haven’t gotten them yet were just doing sheers to make the room a little more light and luxurious. I also think we might bring David’s old recliner up and do a sitting area in one corner… or I would really like an awesome full length mirror, something kind of dramatic, like this

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.11.22 PM

I know, I know, so much white, I don’t want it to feel sterile, so I might try to find something more metallic or we might just stick with doing some kind of sitting area in the corner with a comfy chair and a light or something. im not sure, I have just never had this much space to deal with in a bed room, so its KIND of overwhelming! But I love the challenge. I can’t wait until we wrap up these two projects in progress so I can post pictures of the room so far, that will probably be in July, when we have some more time… oooor after the wedding because lets be honest about what all my spare time has been devoted to lately!!! Speaking of the wedding I have my bridal portraits this weekend! SOOO excited! Im trying to think of a creative way to blog about it without giving anything away so we will see what I can come up with. YIPEEEE! Only 53 days to go!

“Can’t miss Tilapia”

Another of our amended recipes, due to so pre-meal drama, but lets just leave it at some meat not saving well for us…. We were suppose to be making Paula Dean’s “Cant miss Red Snapper” but that red snapper reaaaaally didn’t need to be ingested so we went to plan B and David went and grabbed some Tilapia for us, which ended up being a great discovery because it is a pretty moderately priced fish, so we can use that to jazz up our week night menu options over the coming months, because I LOOOVE seafood! So, hopefully I can bring David to the light! To have made a change in the recipe as extreme as changing the main component, the meal was actually really tasty! So I definitely recommend trying it, because it was a super easy week night meal, once we made it past the struggle of the bad fish. meh.


  • 4 (8-ounce) fish fillets, about 1/2-inch thick (we used tilapia, but the original recipe called for Red Snapper)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 cup chopped onions
  • 1 green bell pepper, chopped
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 cup freshly grated Parmesan


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Season the fish with the salt and pepper. Spread the onions and pepper in a 13 by 9-inch glass baking dish and place the fish on top.Dot the fish with butter. Sprinkle with a little Worcestershire sauce. Bake for 12 minutes.


Then baste fish with pan juices. Sprinkle the fish with Parmesan and then place under the broiler for about 2 minutes or until the cheese browns.


To serve, spoon the vegetables over the fish.




Broccoli Cheddar Soup

This past week I came down with the crud, I woke up Wednesday morning feeling a little fuzzy, by Thursday I had developed a cough and runny nose and by friday morning I was sitting in urgent care being diagnosed with a “gnarly ear infection”… mmmmk. So, needless to say between wanting to only sleep, taking tons of meds, and coughing up my lungs all the time, I wasn’t much for whole foods, or eating in general. So, Friday night, David did me a solid and let me make homemade broccoli and cheddar soup. It was rather nice of him considering that he does not think that soup constitutes a proper meal, but I knew I could get him with this one! My little sister gave me this recipe, she use to make this all the time when we were living at home, my mom and I loved it! So, I made sure to grab this one for myself when we were all trading recipes one day! Quiet delicious, and even more so if you serve it in a bread bowl! BUUUUT in my pre-wedding life and my illness, I did not find it necessary to carb-load (a first for me!).


David loves soup, can’t you tell?!?

-2 tbsp of butter
– 1 yellow onion chopped
– 4 cups of cheddar cheese
– 3 garlic cloves chopped
– 1 tsp crushed red pepper
– 1 cup heavy cream
– 2 tbsp. flour
– 1 qt chicken broth
– salt and pepper to taste


1. melt butter in a pan, add red pepper, garlic, salt and pepper, and brown with onions.


2. add the flour and reduce the heat


3. wisk in chicken broth and half & half, and bring to a simmer


4. cook for 10-15 minutes to thicken, while you are doing this, cook the broccoli in a separate pot.


5. turn heat off and then slowly mix in cheese. Once all the cheese is melted into the liquid, then slowly stir in the broccoli, let cool 5 minutes to set, then serve!


We served ours with french baguette…. ok ok ok! I had my carbs, you know I cant resist, but I was sick, so I get an out right!?!

Pan Cooked Pot Stickers

The first time David and I ever made pot stickers in college it took us like 3 hours and by the time we finished cooking, we were so frustrated, completely exhausted and still starving. It wasn’t really an epic fail because dinner turned out quite deliciously, but it was one of those moments where you thought ‘gosh, this would be twice as delicious, if they weren’t cold, it wasn’t 9:00 at night, and I didn’t have a few oil burns on my arm    -_- such is life. Over the years we have kind of gotten it down to a science, a science that involves my sister… because she is really good  at sealing the wonton wrappers, and that part takes a while. SO, when she said she was coming to visit this past weekend, we knew that we had the perfect opportunity to make delicious little bags of steamed asian goodness! And I was really excited, because I was finally able to share this with you!

1 bag of dry asian slaw or cabbage
1lb of ground pork or turkey
1 Tbsp. of Soy Sauce
1 cup of water
1 package of wonton wrappers (or 48 wrappers)


1. Cook the ground turkey (or pork, or chicken or whatever you want to use!) and then drain off the excess fats and oils. Return the drained meat back to the pan and mix together with the asian slaw and soy sauce and sauté quickly, add pepper to taste. This will be your stuffing

2. Let the stuffing cool completely, we always put ours in the freezer just to cool it down because if it is too hot it will make the wonton wrappers really doughy and hard to deal with, and potentially poke holes in them. Once it is cool, put a very small spoonfull of the stuffing in the middle of the wrapper.
IMG_28543. Once you do that you wan to spread it so that it makes a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrapper, and then dip your finger in the cup of water and coat the edges of the wrapper with water, this will help them to stick together and seal.

IMG_28564. Once you do this fold the edges over, corner to corner, to make a triangle. and then press the edges, then use a fork to seal the pouches, and set the closed pouches aside.
IMG_28595. Heat a deep pan of vegetable oil to medium high heat. Once the oil is heated, sear the pot stickers on each side until they are a nice golden brown, this should only take a few minutes per side.
IMG_28606. Immediately remove the pot stickers from the pan and put them in a steamer (aka a deep pan with a little water in the bottom) with a lid. Let the pot stickers steam for 3 to 5 minutes and then remove from the steamer and sit on a drying rack to drain excess oil and water.


7. Once they are all cooked, serve up with rice or veggies and enjoy! We had ours with edamame! SOOOO delicious! And David has become quite the master at getting just the right amount of crunch on the outside of the potstickers. We always tell our parents we want to make this dish for them… but its just so intense, so it never really pans out!


This is a great meal for family kitchen time together. You almost have to set up a little pot sticker assembly line to make it happen, a stuffer, a closer, a sealer, and someone to man the stove! Its definitely key to prepare and be organized when making this meal because the kitchen can get chaotic pretty quickly! Don’t stress if the first attempt is kind of cray! It took us a few times to get it right, but now I would say that were pretty much ballers at making pot stickers, however unless you want to lend a hand in the kitchen, don’t ask us to make these for you! We’ll make you work for a good dinner around here!

Cake Pop Creations

Yesterday I told you all about the Mickey Mouse birthday party we went to for my two cousins this past weekend. In that post I also mentioned that David and I had quite the little adventure making cake pops. I would first like to say that we purposely did a test run to see how long it would take, how many cake pops one batch of the cake batter would make, and find a good technique for dipping the pops in the icing we were making. I have to say that David wasn’t thrilled to begin with, I got less thrilled as the project went on, AND he has set a deadline for the cake pops to be finished for the trial run, and that was by the time the Superbowl came on. Really I only have myself to blame for the time crunch, as I should not have planned this activity on the same day as the LAST FOOTBALL GAME UNTIL FALL (dun dun dunnnnnnn!) But we managed to get it done. I have to say that I am really happy that we took the initiate to do the test run because…. they did NOT turn out well…. AT ALL. We used icing that was too thick, couldn’t quite figure out the ears and had about 10 of our 35 cake pops that looked something like… this:


Yeah so it was a pretty traumatic experience, but David did manage to figure out a really good dipping technique by the end so the last few that we did looked pretty top notch, and then by the time we were ready to make the cake pops the second time for the birthday party we looked like seasoned professionals. Which, I can’t imagine how frustrated and discouraged I would have been if the trial run had been the actual making of the birthday party cake pops because… it was really demoralizing. But, enough about my failures, lets talk about my awesome successes!


Like I said after the trial run we had much more success making the cake pops. The recipe is super easy and my BFFL (haha!) got me this fun little cake pop maker for Christmas, so I almost feel like I am cheating because it makes like a dozen cake balls at a time, and I normally make 3 batches with on recipe of the batter! If you’re looking to get a cake pop maker, I definitely recommend this one, it comes with a little transfer tray to move the pops from the maker to the drying rack and a poker to remove the cake balls, and a recipe book for tons of different pops. We only experimented with the regular cake, we didn’t want to get too crazy on the first try, but I brought some to work and my Bosses grandkids told him that they were better than the cake pops at Starbucks. Winning!

How do you make these “better than Starbucks cake pops,” you ask? Let me tell you. You just need a few ingredients, some patience and some “cookie sticks” as they like to call them at Michael’s.

Your Supplies List includes:
Flour – 1 1/2 cups
Sugar – 1 cup
Eggs- 2
Baking Powder- 1 tsp
Vanilla- 2 Teaspoons
Butter – 1/2 cup
milk- 1/2 cup
salt – 1/4 teaspoon
Cake Pop Maker
Cookie Sticks
Vanilla Frosting- 1 16 oz container
White Chocolate chips- 1/2 cup +
Food Coloring

First you want to mix the cake batter: Flour salt and baking soda, then sugar and butter, then add the eggs and vanilla to the butter/sugar mixture, and then add the milk and flour mixture to this. Mix well, make sure you get all the lumps out. No one wants little pockets of flour in their cake pops, that’s gross! Once you have it all mixed, spoon on tablespoon of the mixture into each little spot on your cake pop maker.
The close the lid and cook the balls for about 4 or 5 minutes, you want them to be a nice golden brown on the bottom side, but not burnt. Try to just trust the machine and not open the lid on the cake pop maker, things turn out better when you do that!
Then remove the cake balls and let them cool COMPLETELY before you do anything else with then. We normally waited about 30 minutes to an hour to start messing with them, just because we wanted to be sure they were dry. Then you want to insert the sticks into the cake pops, so melt down some of your chocolate in a double boiler, once you do that, you want to put about 1/2 an inch of the stick into the white chocolate and then pop it into the bottom of the cake ball.

IMG_2795We let these dry for a while as well to make sure they were nice and attached before we started attaching ears and dipping them, etc etc to make our Mickey head cake pops.

While you’re doing this you can mix up your icing, which is one can of the vanilla icing and 1/2 cup or more of the white chocolate chips. The more chocolate, the harder the icing will be when it dries (which is the trick) Just make sure you don’t burn it! We used deep coffee cups and boiling water to make a double boiler because you want something deep enough to submerge the entire cake pop at once while you are trying to frost it.


To make the ears we used tiny little oreos and cut slits in the sides of the cake pops. To attach them we dunked the oreos into  icing and the chocolate mixture to use that as an adhesive!
IMG_2802Once we made sure those were nice and dry (and they had a little sit in the freezer to make sure) we began dunking them. We used red and yellow food coloring to make the colored icing, but you can do whatever color you like! Then, hold the cake pop upside down and dunk it into the frosting.


Make sure you do this part really fast and then let the excess run off the top of the pop before you turn it rightside up to dry. We found that using a Styrofoam block to hold all the cake pops worked best and we can definitely reuse it for future projects. WOOT!
IMG_2807They aren’t perfect, but I have to say they look pretty good for something we made in our kitchen on a Thursday night! And they taste delicious, which is what really matters! Once we made sure they were all dry, we individually packaged them so they were party ready! You don’t have to do this, but we traveled like 2 hours with them so we felt it was necessary.
IMG_2809We just used mini treat bags from Party City and then tied them with ribbons for a cute little decorative look! And TA-DA! There you have our cake pops, like I mentioned yesterday, they didn’t travel well. I guess they got hot and mushy in the car. Oh well! Its the thought that counts, right?!


Movement Mondays- Talent

Ok, I normally only post things on my blog that I really enjoyed watching or that really moved me. But this just made me angry. I know I dont always have perfect extensions or immaculate feet, etc etc. but when I saw this in the talent portion of Miss America I was so mad. I mean honestly, there has to be some kind of preliminary… something for the talent portion and shouldnt that stop people from doing something incredibly awkward on national television. How can they even judge this talent when she didnt display any type of technique or form… or anything. Honestly I think the talent portion is really awkward. I mean not that some of them arent super talented but if you dont have something that you really excel in then you are kind of out of luck or left to learn something really quickly, but then its not a talent… its a learned trait. I dont know, just see for yourself. But I wasn’t impressed with about 50% of the “talents” this weekend… especially this one.

additionally, while Im on my Miss America Soap box, what qualifies these celebrity judges to pick Miss America? I mean there are additional judges that actually know what they are doing but I just dont understand how A 16 year old olympian and a weather man are contributing. I mean we might as well just invite Honey Boo Boo and her mom to judge, at least they participate in pageantry. OK done complaining. At least the top 5 people that made it past talent were all actually good at their talents.