Dance Time

Check out all the videos featured in my Movement Monday’s Series here! Just in case you missed one, or you don’t want to go back and search through them!

Kathryn & Will perform a Bollywood routine on SYTYCD Season 9, top 10 performances

Comparison of Performances of Mia Michaels Gravity from Kayla and Kupono and Cole and Lindsay

When You Say my Name, by Southern Strutt 2012

Unchained Melody choreographed by Travis Wall performed by Audrey and Matthew (SYTYCD Season 9)

Turning Page performed by Tiffany and George (SYTYCD Season 9)

The Boys of Southern Strutt on America’s Got Talent

Mia Michael’s Top 20 Routine Season 9 of SYTYCD

Where the Light Goes In- by Travis Wall performed by the SYTYCD top 10 girls 2012

Precognition – by Sonya Tayeh performed by the SYTYCD top 10 guys 2012

Casey Askew at Move Dance Competition

Lauren Froderman at the BZ Community Class

Kate Jablonski and Beyond Words Dance Company perform Feel So Close at Carnival 2012

Stephen Jacobsen Season 9 Audition for So You Think You Can Dance

Obsessed Dance Moms fans at Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, PA

Stars Dance Studio – Living at the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge

Briar Nolet performing Chance, Choreographed by TOKYO

TOKYO- Where it Began

Kelsey Sneed- We forgive and forget

 Jacob Karr – Elephant in the Room, choreographed by -Nathan Makolandra

Joey Arrigo From Elite Dance Works performs Nothing Else Matters

Improv Everywhere- Carousel Horse race

Hayden Hopkins- Wild is the Wind

Valerie Comb0 – my Monday night dance class

Concrete Wall – Tip Toes and Taps  my choreography

Sonya Tayeh’s Carnival 2012 piece

A Thousand Years – Tip Toes and Taps, my choreography

Gymnastic Mix Ballet Sensation


Improv Everywhere- Santa Mall Musical

From The Ground Up by Erica Sobol

Melanie and Marco – Turn to Stone, Choreographed by Travis Wall


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