Movement Mondays- Double Dose

IM BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! And I missed you all dearly, probably because I missed my outlet to chatter on about anything and everything!!! But, Wedding land was crazy and a whirlwind of awesomeness, love, and fun and I can’t wait to share it all with you, but keeping with tradition, Movement Mondays are back. AND since I have been gone for a mome or ten, here are TWO of my faaaaaaaave dances from last week on SYTYCD! The all-stars were back in action and performing their own choreography with this season’s contestants.

My first pick is OBVIOUSLY a contemporary routine, I love this piece by Allison Holker about defeating social prejudice to live your life with the people you loved, mostly because I love that she and Twitch are engaged AND that Fikshun is ballin out of control. I think its so awesome when less trained dancers are able to keep up with people who have been perfecting their skills for several years. I think it shows the discipline that some of these street dancers have and how talented they really are when they are willing to break outside their genre! So here is pick one!


And pick two is just crazy fun and super Lady Gaga-esque! This one was by Mark who I always appreciated for his originality, and I thought Jenna was super fun to watch in it, they were like two little peas in a Lady Gaga pod (which doesn’t seem to far from reality for her sometimes!) So, here’s a little dose of funk for your Monday in case you missed it last Tuesday!


Stay tuned this week for lots of life updates and wedding oversharing!


Movement Mondays – The Power Couple

I luuuurved the opening number of SYTYCD this past week. In the truest sense of the term (except the part where you have to be dating) I think Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott are SYTYCDs power choreography couple. They both create such strong and powerful movement its almost unfair to the rest of us, but at least we get to enjoy it! I love the concept of this piece and any number that brings a larger than life prop on the stage for dancers to fling themselves off of is a win in my book. I have to say I have been somewhat underwhelmed with this season and it kind of depresses me, but at least I have my buddies Sonya and Christopher to keep me artfully entertained at least during a few numbers! Looking forward to what tomorrow night brings as the top 16 perform, but for now, you can just  enjoy this! And you will! Happy Movement Mondays my dance fiends!!!


Movement Mondays- Can’t Help Falling in Love

AKA the Blindfold dance, and probably one of my favorite dance from SYTYCD… like ever! Talk about trust, and I love this song, and this particular version and have been half thinking I wanted to do some awesome piece to it for a while… and then there was this, so that takes care of that! I mean this dance just takes my breath away. I cant imagine having to do a dance without one of my most important senses. Talk about being totally spacially aware. I mean there are so many things that COULD have gone wrong, but they didn’t. Alan could have dropped her out of a lift, they could have ran into each other, fallen off the stage, etc etc, etc. SO AMAZING! Just watch and be in awe of all that is Travis Wall and his awesomeness!

Can’t Help Falling in Love- Choreography by Travis Wall – Performance by Jasmine and Alan (SYTYCD Season 10)

Movement Mondays – New Romantic

Another work of wonder by THE Kate Jablonski! I just love her! And I love how synchronized everything is. Its like they are little dance robots of perfection. Apart from the ending (which is so cooooool!) I loved when the whole group hopped en mass across the stage. She has such an awareness of space and it shines through in her dancers and the way they move. I also really appreciate her focus on small little movements that make an impact. Not everything has to be big and sprawling across the stage, which is something I struggle with when I choreograph. Sometimes I’m so worried about making an impact that everything becomes a string of big moments… and then you get to the big moment and its kind of a let down. I guess its something to work towards… ya know, scaling things down sometimes. Oh well, back to business. Enjoy the intricate awesomeness that is New Romantic by Kate Jablonski and the Beyond Words Dance Company.

Movement Mondays – In This Shirt

Another great combo by Kate Jablonski! I feel like these people are moving in fast forward, and she always has such a great mix of new and traditional movement, I could watch her choreography all day. Its just so captivating! Happy Movement Mondays, and enjoy!

Movement Mondays- Ad Deum

YES!!! just all kinds of yes! I love this. Probably because there is a super long floor section and me and the floor are pretty close and I love a good floor work section… Like I want to do an entire dance using only floor work. I know that really take away from the use of levels in the number, but I totally think you can make it happy of you play with it long enough. So great! Also, homegirl in the front, with the short hair is KILLIN. IT. So great. Enjoy!

Choreography: Randy from Ad Deum – Spring Intensive 2013

Movement Mondays – Heart Asks Pleasure First

So great! I wants to choreograph something like this so I can learn it and love it as much as I loved watching this? I was really into how gutteral it was at parts. I think its my modern upbringing that makes me go weak at the knees every time I hear a dancer give a huge exhale when they go into a contraction.  Its like they are just flushing out all the bad and everything that stops you from giving it your all. I love. And as always I love all the stretching and leggy things, probably because I am not a super leggy dancer, but I have always admired those who were. Anywho, enjoy this flowy piece of wonderfulness to get your week off to a good start 🙂

Choreographer Lindsay Nelko – Represented by MSA Agency
Featuring my incredible assistants – Aimee Otte & Kristin Daniel
Music: Hearts Ask Pleasure First by Ahn Trio

Movement Mondays- Vitality

Ugh, this dance must be exactly what it is like to die and go to heaven. Its so gorgeous!! And well timed, and the movement is so full and luscious, I just love it. I feel like so much dance right now is about how many moves a choreographer can slam into 2 minutes and 30 seconds and still have all their dancers execute most of it without looking like they are flailing aimlessly all over the stage. What I LOVE about this is that not only does he take the time to execute each piece of choreography, but he HAS the time to. And everything just flows seamlessly together, so wonderful! I think it just kind of reminds you to take a moment to stop, breathe, and enjoy. So, if you’re all caught up in your monday routine, take a moment to stop and enjoy this little piece of heaven! It will get you in the right frame of mind to continue your day!Happy Movement Mondays, and Enjooooy!


Movement Mondays – STIMLEA

HOLY LINES! The shapes and lines these girls hit are awesome. And the contrast between the fluidity and hits is so great. The kind of thing I could only wish to emulate on the stage. ::le sigh:: I also really like the music, a little different, but too much. (STIMELA by Wynter Gordon) and the choreography by Matt Tseng, as I mentioned before, is to die for. Love love love! Enjoy! And Happy Movement Mondays!