Movement Mondays- Double Dose

IM BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! And I missed you all dearly, probably because I missed my outlet to chatter on about anything and everything!!! But, Wedding land was crazy and a whirlwind of awesomeness, love, and fun and I can’t wait to share it all with you, but keeping with tradition, Movement Mondays are back. AND since I have been gone for a mome or ten, here are TWO of my faaaaaaaave dances from last week on SYTYCD! The all-stars were back in action and performing their own choreography with this season’s contestants.

My first pick is OBVIOUSLY a contemporary routine, I love this piece by Allison Holker about defeating social prejudice to live your life with the people you loved, mostly because I love that she and Twitch are engaged AND that Fikshun is ballin out of control. I think its so awesome when less trained dancers are able to keep up with people who have been perfecting their skills for several years. I think it shows the discipline that some of these street dancers have and how talented they really are when they are willing to break outside their genre! So here is pick one!


And pick two is just crazy fun and super Lady Gaga-esque! This one was by Mark who I always appreciated for his originality, and I thought Jenna was super fun to watch in it, they were like two little peas in a Lady Gaga pod (which doesn’t seem to far from reality for her sometimes!) So, here’s a little dose of funk for your Monday in case you missed it last Tuesday!


Stay tuned this week for lots of life updates and wedding oversharing!


Movement Mondays – The Power Couple

I luuuurved the opening number of SYTYCD this past week. In the truest sense of the term (except the part where you have to be dating) I think Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott are SYTYCDs power choreography couple. They both create such strong and powerful movement its almost unfair to the rest of us, but at least we get to enjoy it! I love the concept of this piece and any number that brings a larger than life prop on the stage for dancers to fling themselves off of is a win in my book. I have to say I have been somewhat underwhelmed with this season and it kind of depresses me, but at least I have my buddies Sonya and Christopher to keep me artfully entertained at least during a few numbers! Looking forward to what tomorrow night brings as the top 16 perform, but for now, you can just  enjoy this! And you will! Happy Movement Mondays my dance fiends!!!


Movement Mondays: Bellhop Hip Hop

Favorite dance from last week on SYTYCD! It was so much fun to watch, not that I didn’t enjoy some of the more technical numbers but this one was so much fun annnnnd they did the Bernie! Lets be honest, NappyTabs is the beeeest, hence all their amazing routines. Love them. If its been as rainy everywhere else as it has been in Charlotte, maybe this will bring a little sunshine to your Monday!

Amy and Fik-Shun perform a NappyTabs routine- SYTYCD Season 10

Movement Mondays- Can’t Help Falling in Love

AKA the Blindfold dance, and probably one of my favorite dance from SYTYCD… like ever! Talk about trust, and I love this song, and this particular version and have been half thinking I wanted to do some awesome piece to it for a while… and then there was this, so that takes care of that! I mean this dance just takes my breath away. I cant imagine having to do a dance without one of my most important senses. Talk about being totally spacially aware. I mean there are so many things that COULD have gone wrong, but they didn’t. Alan could have dropped her out of a lift, they could have ran into each other, fallen off the stage, etc etc, etc. SO AMAZING! Just watch and be in awe of all that is Travis Wall and his awesomeness!

Can’t Help Falling in Love- Choreography by Travis Wall – Performance by Jasmine and Alan (SYTYCD Season 10)

Movement Mondays – Ninja Twins

In honor of my faaaaaavorite summer sensation, So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), I thought I would bring you one of my faaaaaavorite audutions. It really has nothing to do with technique or movement or anything, I just love these guys. They auditioned last year I think, but I still laugh whenever I come across their video on youtube, which I did the other day while stalking some of the numbers from this season on youtube. So, if you need a little pick me up this monday morning, enjoy some comedy from the Ninja Twins!!!

Movement Mondays – New Romantic

Another work of wonder by THE Kate Jablonski! I just love her! And I love how synchronized everything is. Its like they are little dance robots of perfection. Apart from the ending (which is so cooooool!) I loved when the whole group hopped en mass across the stage. She has such an awareness of space and it shines through in her dancers and the way they move. I also really appreciate her focus on small little movements that make an impact. Not everything has to be big and sprawling across the stage, which is something I struggle with when I choreograph. Sometimes I’m so worried about making an impact that everything becomes a string of big moments… and then you get to the big moment and its kind of a let down. I guess its something to work towards… ya know, scaling things down sometimes. Oh well, back to business. Enjoy the intricate awesomeness that is New Romantic by Kate Jablonski and the Beyond Words Dance Company.

Movement Mondays – Mirror Spirits

YEEE! I had nothing to do with this dance, but my old studio just had their recital and this year they got a few new teachers, including and awesome new hip hop teacher (Josh Lubeck)!!! I am so proud of all the girls who decided to branch out and try his class this year. I think they have grown so much, and this number is pretty awesome. I love the new spin he put on the character in the piece, and I just can’t get past the fact that they are doing hip hop, haha where was that class when I was growing up?? Because my krunk-o-meter is running pretty low sometimes and I am terrible at hiphop. Anywho, beyond proud of these ladies and can’t wait to see how they progress with this style in the coming years!

Movement Mondays – In This Shirt

Another great combo by Kate Jablonski! I feel like these people are moving in fast forward, and she always has such a great mix of new and traditional movement, I could watch her choreography all day. Its just so captivating! Happy Movement Mondays, and enjoy!

Movement Mondays – The Power of Concentration

I don’t even care if you don’t like dance! This is amazing! One of my dance teachers posted this over the weekend and it is unbelievably AMAZING. I cant even imagine if I tried to do something like this, and the feat just becomes more and more astonishing as the piece goes on. I know this isn’t movement in the traditional sense, its almost a lack of movement, but its still beautiful to watch someone create something so delicate in such a masterful way! Goes to show you can do anything you put your mind to! Happy Movement Mondays!


Movement Mondays- Suit and Tie

One of my friends from Clemson shared a video of this person on Facebook a few weeks ago, and I thought I should share it with you, but then the link wouldn’t soooo, I searched high and low for another video because this guy is an awesome mover, and every time I have ever seen him dance he LITERALLY kills it! Marlin was the hiphop teacher for Clemson dancers this past year and I think he is so talented. I love his musicality and his thoughtfulness in choreography! So awesome! Definitely take a moment to check this one out! I picked this video because everybody needs a little Justin Timberlake to brighten their day. This piece was choreographed by Denzel Anderson and performed by Denzel Anderson and Marlin Carrington.