Sensational Superbowl Snacks!

As one of the worlds… NOT biggest fans of NFL football, I will admit that I love the superbowl because of the party foods, and for some reason the superbowl brings out the best in party foods. Its almost like party goers compete to bring the best treat to the table. and Im not mad about that because…. who doesn’t want to be on the tasting end of such an epic food battle!? So I have tried to do some of the grunt work for you, and am here to suggest a few options for you to take to your viewing party for the big game!

Delightfully Delicious Dips!


This delicious dip is from and I definitely want to try it! I am a huge fan of a mexican dip and this one has 7-scrumptious layers! Definitely a must try if you’re looking for something to make for the party. I feel like a mexican dip is always my go to, so I might try something new this year if we have superbowl plans.


This dip is from better homes and gardens and, while it looks like a traditional guac. leave it to bhg to add a new spin on an oldie but a goodie! If you’re looking to do just that with your Sunday snacks, try this Pineapple Black Bean Guac. Sounds yummmmyyyy!


OK, I found this one on Pinterest and have been dying to try it! Even though its call the skinny poolside dip, I really want it to be my delicious game day appetizer! I think if we go to a party this will be my dip of choice. The only way I WONT bring it is if i make some other kind of treat. But like I said, all this depends on how our plans develop.


OR if you are looking to be the healthy option at the party try this creamy peanut butter dip which pairs great with apples! 

Simple Snacks on a Stick

You have to admit that anything that is served on a skewer becomes doubly awesome! Its a convenient all-in-one snack and its SO easy for self serving at parties. People can just walk by and grab a skewer and drop it on their plate. And its not as messy as a dip! No scooping and dropping and all that messy stuff, so here are some cute little skewers I found on line that I would definitely recommend trying!


These hamburger skewers are awesome! and I think they are super cute. I have no idea how you even make the little buns but, who even cares!!! If I saw these at a party it would take me like 20 minutes just to get over how adorable they were before I could eat them!


I have been DYING to make these, because David and I love caprese salad! Its so simple and delicious annnnd I like it even more as an appetizer on a toothpick. Plus it would be so easy to make! Some chopped Mozzarella cheese, little cherry tomatoes and spinach and give it a little balsamic drizzle.


I also really like this fun take on anti-pasta salad, which looks so yummy! I think its a great way to bring something different to the table!

Individual Treats


I love the look of the layered dips in smaller bowls! I think its a great way to kind of portion it out so A) people arent crowding the table B) they arent making a mess and C) you dont have to worry about the dreaded double dippers!


I also think this veggie cup is SUCH an awesome idea. Put the veggie dip in the bottom with the sticks in the top, easy, no mess, and its a great display on your table!


I also love these scoops with the dips already put inside them which makes the perfect one bite snack! I think besides being able to see all the layers of the dip in the clear cup, that this is my favorite presentation. I am all about creating convenience with minimal fuss. And I think this does that and then you dont have to worry about all those tiny little plastic cups!

Hopefully you are now inspired to make a plethora of delicious things for Sundays Superbowl events! And make sure you eat lots of yummy party food, this delicious day only comes once a year!