A Jolly Holiday!

Sadly, yesterday was my rude awakening and return to reality, and I am not sure what I was thinking when I believed that our Disney vacation would be a nice way to relax and get away. While there was no rest for the weary, we did have a BLAST!


Im just going to share the highlights with you here, because we did SO much stuff, and I don’t want to bore you with all the mundane details. Sorry if you follow me on instagram or Facebook, you might be seeing some of this twice! Also, I still can’t believe that this is the first time David and I have gone on an extended vacation together that required a lot of travel, and thank goodness we travel well together, because that would have been an unfortunate thing to test out on our Honeymoon in August!


We arrived at Disney and to our hotel on Wednesday night and immediately hit the hay because we had a 7:30am call time, to be at the Magic Kingdom for the big opening, with the train and the dancing and the whole shebang! And, luckily we made it there the first day, because as the week went on, the harder it was for me to make those early morning departure times.


We made sure to hit all the highlights in the Magic Kingdom on the first day, we definitely hit the ground running, and I almost feel like I still haven’t stopped. Our first stop was Main Street USA and the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, we had to stop at City Hall to get our celebration buttons (more on that later!)


The it was off to The Chapeau to get our Ears, we look fab, we know!


We also made sure to take a ride on the Train around the Magic Kingdom, and quick walk by the castle.


I also had to stop and grab a pic with my favorite leading lady, Mary Poppins, who wished David and I a Jolly Holiday indeed! Shes the best!


Also, David and I made sure to pick up our just engaged buttons, even though we have been engaged since August, because… its fun, and everyone wished you congratulations, which was awesome for like… 2 hours and then we decided to retire our buttons.


We also hit up some of the classic rides like Dumbo, the tea cups, a carousel for Turner, David’s nephew, Buzz Lightyear (where I scored an epically low amount of points) and Space Mountain, one of Davids favorites.


Then we stopped by the new portion of the Magic Kingdom, Fantasy Land, to ride the Little Mermaid ride, because I also LOVE the little mermaid, and the theming for the ride was so awesome, I know, Im a nerd! But I loved it! I mean it looks just like the Prince’s castle in the movie.


and we contemplated going to Be Our Guest until we realized the line was wraped around the building… So David and i decided to be adventurous and try out these waffle sandwiches. WHICH WERE SO GOOD! Mine was fruit and nutella, and Davids was sweet and sour chicken, which I thought was weird but he seemed to really like it. We also did a little shopping on main street, and rode through the haunted mansion, pirates of the Caribbean, and big thunder mountain, at some point during our time at Disney, there was a lot of park hopping going on!

DSC01274My nutella and fruit waffle sandwich
DSC01275David’s Sweet and Sour Chicken Waffle Sandwich

David also took me on a “date night” in Epcot and we ate at the Rose and Crown in “England” which was delicious! David also got this thing called the Imperial Sampler which had like 5 or 6 different beers, and it was delicious!  Then we bummed around and tried to catch some last minute rides on all the EPCOT staples like Soarin’ and Test Track and Spaceship Earth.


At Hollywood Studios David, his mom, and I took an animation drawing class, which was really cool! We got to draw Gumpy, annnnd David’s was the best, depressing. Hes quite the artist. I should take more advantage of this, I feel like. Don’t tell him!

We also did a late night at EPCOT, taking a trip around the world and a second spin on some of the previously mentioned rides! with and EPIC fail on Disney’s part, because the closed the Monorail, but enough on that disaster because my blood pressure is rising just thinking about all the anger and crying children that we encountered.


We did the safari at the Animal Kingdom, and it was so awesome, there were so many animals out and about, David said it was the most they have seen in a while. Woot! We also, rode David’s Mom’s favorite Ride… it was called Dinosaur and lets just say it was NOT my favorite ride. Also we waited in line for what seemed like half a lifetime to ride Expedition Everest…. but it was awesome so I was less upset after the fact. Also, side note, I definitely think that fast pass really holds up the progress with trying to get people on rides… oh welllllll.
DSC01260(This is not from the animal kingdom but i think its funny, so here you go!)

We also spent some time at Downtown Disney, mostly picking up some souvineers, like Disney Christmas ornaments for our first Christmas together, and these matching pins from up!!! Also, David and I each bought each other a take home item, I got David this C-3-potat-O and he bought me an Eeyore pillow pet 😀 and I love him! Annnnd we got these cute little coffee mugs! We tried not to spend too much money, but sometimes you cant resist.


I really feel like Disney is more for adults, Ithink I appreciated a lot of the theming and organization of things a lot more now than I did as a kid, and being independent at Disney is much more fun. I think you are just more aware and less overwhelmed when youre older, and lets be honest were all just kids at heart! I am so glad that I am coming into such a fun family in August, and super excited that they took me on their little family get away to Disney! Definitely an awesome christmas present!