Tied Tulle Wreath

A few weeks ago I missed my first friends baby shower due to some pre-wedding festivities and obligations, however I did not pass up the chance to make a fun gift to pass on to the mother-to-be! My college roommate and her husband Caleb are expecting their first child, a little girl sometime at the end of August/beginning of September. However, if she is anything like her mom and dad, I think she might make QUITE the grand entrance a little earlier than expected! I decided that any baby of Caleb and Lauren’s needed a stylish, fun, and funky way to announce her presence to the world, so, I put together this simple tied tulle wreath with her name on it!


All you need to get this project done is a Styrofoam wreath form, 4 rolls of tulle (2 of each color if you plan to alternate), some ribbon for a bow, white floral wire, and whatever letters you will need. I was going to have it say “its a girl” but they didnt have all the letters I needed. Oh well, compromises, compromises. Once you have all your materials pulled together, start to cut your tulle. enough to double knot it and leave a little hanging off, mine was too long at first so I had to trim some of it down so it wouldn’t look as wild and wolly.

IMG_3932Once you have all your tulle cut, start tying it onto the wreath form. Make sure you bunch it relatively close together, just so that its not super transparent, but you also don’t want it so close together that you run out of tulle, I found that I had to make a lot of adjustments as I was working on it to get the spacing right, but you’ll be able to tell when you’ve got it looking right!


Once  you get all the tulle tied on, you want to tie your bow and attach it using a floral wire. I also attached the eltters to floral wire and the tied the AND glued them onto the wreath form for extra security. Make sure to lay everything out before you start to attach it just to make sure you have the spacing right and like the way it looks, I had to play with mine a few times. Then once everything is attached, make another loop with floral wire, that you can attach to the form to hang the wreath from a door hanger! And there you have it! I was able to knock this project out in just a few hours and the Mommy-to-be says she will definitely be bringing it to the hospital so everyone will know where to find them, which makes me so excited!

You can really change this wreath design up for anything you need, use your team colors for football season some small pumpkins and gourds for fall, or a larger letter for you last name, or maybe your house numbers! Like I said, anything will work, so be creative!


Lean Mean Wreath-making Machine

Ok, I might not be lean and mean, but lately I feel like I have been a wreath making machine. I did the one for Laura and Kyle for their wedding, and I just finished up the one for todays post, and plan to make some kind of christmas wreath by the beginning of December so I can put it up with all my christmas decor. I didnt want to deprive you of a craft project, so you will just have learn about lots of different wreaths over the next month! I finally decided it was time to retire this one that I made for my front door for the summer months, since the weather is starting the change and so are the in colors. This wreath I made is more for winter, I used grey and plum, but I really like it. Next year I might do an actual fall wreath, but every time I tried to work on one I wasnt overly inspired, so I just skipped right over fall to winter! Here is what the base of the wreath looks like so you kind of have an idea where this is headed.

To get this project completed you will need AT LEAST 3 yards of fabric. I emphasize this because I ran out of fabric twice. So, better to be prepared than not. the first time I got 1.5 yards, ran out went back got another yard, ran out annnnd use scraps to cover the last 3 inches of wreath form left empty and the covered that part with the ribbon at the top. So, to avoid the improvisation, go ahead and have all 3 yards up front. You will also need to make sure you have a Styrofoam wreath form, Then you want to make sure that you have a marker, some kind of round thing to trace, I used the top of a plastic stadium cup, and scissors, and a lot of mindless TV to watch while you cut. I also used one roll of ribbon, some straight pins, between 200 and 300, and then some already made accents from hobby lobby, I have been loving these lately!

The first step is to trace and cut all the circles you will be using to make the texture on the wreath form. this takes lots of time and patience, like I said, watch lots of mindless TV while doing this, you will have the time! And make sure to trace the circles as close together as possible so that you can get the most out of your fabric, because I guarantee you will find a way to use all of them. If not, you’re smarter than I am, OR you aren’t filling in all the holes.



Then after you get all the circles cut you need to attach them to the wreath form. You will fold the circles in half on them selves twice, then attach a straight pin, the put some hot glue on the tip of the straight pin and attach it to the styrofoam.


After several hours, you will have this, which is what mine looked like when I ran out of fabric the FIRST time. My friend Katy calls this the little old lady phase, because it looks like a grandmas curly hair. hahah!


Then I got more fabric, finished filling it in, and then added the extra touches, like a few flowers, and a ribbon to hang it on the door and a little bow on the front, because I love frillys and bows! And this is the final product!