Movement Monday – Masters of Movement

This weekend I went to a dance convention here in Charlotte, and despite the fact that I can barely walk and seemed to have also contracted the death over the weekend, it was AWESOME! We took classes from some of the most memorable So You Think You Can Dance contestants and all-stars (tWitch, Allison Holker, Alex Wong, Ade Chike, Kent Boyd, Joshua Allen, Eleanor, etc.) It was so amazing! They all brought something different, technically, and stylistically to the table. I love a creative melding of the minds and I feel like thats what conventions are, a chance to hone your craft by building your toolset with skills from the Masters. I have to say that this weekend my two favorite classes were with Kent and Ade Chike! They were So on point! Kent’s class was right up my ally style wise, and he even complimented me (Telling me he “Freaking Loved me” and referring to me as his great girl) and then he gave me a high five and danced next to me at the end of class!  Whiccccch basically made my life! I die.  His choreography has this great mix of simplicity and impact and i just loved it. It was a cool way to learn that you dont have to be jumping and running all over the stage to make an impact with your movement and sometimes its just the smallest nuances that can make the most beautiful moments in a piece. As for Ade Chike, if you thought the way he moved on TV was breath taking you should see it in person. Its like watching water flow in a stream. He just never stops moving and has such amazing control of his body, its like his movement could go on forever. The perfect example of the energy shooting out of your finger tips and your toes. He must use every muscle known to man… and then some! Its kind of unbelievable! His combo was such a nod to his personal style and I loved that because it was so different. It was great practice in fluidity of motion and stretching through movement, which I know I struggle with sometimes. Because as a dancer you always think about hitting those “picture moments” But this dance was about the journey of the movement and getting to those picture moments was just as important as hitting them.

So, here is an oldie of these two masters doing a piece together on SYTYCD. I wish  had a video of their solos from this weekend because they were absolutely magical! But Alas, we will just be thankful we have this piece!

You only Disappear – performed by Kent and Ade Chike