5 Faux Finishes…

… Your expensive interior designer never told you about!

Ok, not that I have ever had an “expensive interior designer, but I am sure if I hired one, they wouldn’t be into the DIY, make it look like it cost $5000 on a $50 budget, etc etc. I feel like those are only things that happen on HGTV. So with a little pinning, and some research I found some really cool ways you can spice up a room in your house on a budget, which is going to come in handy when David and I move in to our new place in a few months (more on that as is progresses)

1. Beadboard upgrades!


I know, I know beadboard is all the rage in that rustic shabby chic design craze right now, but who wants to break the bank and spend all that time hanging beadboard, when you can get the same effect with a roll of wall paper! Im not even kidding! You can get it at Lowes on the cheap, like as low as $15 a roll.


And some are even designed to be painted over so you can have some color besides white, but… alas, I am a traditionalist, and I enjoy the coastal coolness of a nice white bead board. I especially love it on cabinets, buuut im not sure the wallpaper is your best bet on that one, however… if you’re brave enough to try, give me a shout and let me know how that worked. 

2. Concrete Countertops
No, I do not want you to go out and have someone pour you custom made countertops to fit your existing kitchen, while that may be somewhat cheaper than the nicer stone options, its still not super cheap, but you know what is…. ARDEX overlawys, orginally used to refinish floors, this blogger shows you how to apply it on top of an existing ugly countertop to get those to-die-for concrete surfaces with a little elbow grease and DIY.

3. Mercury Glass
If you’re ever on pinterest, I know you have seen this one, but I still really love it and its such a cheap alternative to BUYING an antique mercury glass piece. These Pottery Barn lamps are over $250. I mean, most lamps from there are expensive, but you could buy a glass lamp from Ikea for like $20 or $30 and do thsi faux finish and only spend like 10-15% of the original cost. So much more cost effective!

mercury-glass-lamp-burlap-shadeThis blog has an awesome tutorial and list of what you need, I have tried this before, because I had some of the looking glass spray pint left from another project, and once you get the hang of it, it definitely works, but dont be mad if you have to doa  couple trial runs first. I’d try your luck with some dollar tree glass votives to test first. But I think hers turned out really awesome! 

4. The Industrial Faux Finish


Sometimes, we think that to get that rustic old look you have to be willing to go out hunting in antique shops, or thrift stores for that perfect find, but sometimes all you need is a little paint. This blogger created an industrial rusted faux finish on some paper mache letters, and it looks so cool! Imagine all the different things you could put this finish on to get those rustic accent pieces for your home!


5. Through the looking glass!
This isnt really a faux finish, but its a great way to spice up the same old pice of furniture time and time again. Add a glass top and frame it out, OR buy a table that already has glass a glass top and place a decorative paper underneath, you can give it TONS of different looks with minimal effort and its a great way to add some extra pizzaz to your holiday decor, throughout the year!


So! get to gettin and jazz up your home on the cheap, especially during these cold winter months before the outdoors start calling and your knee deep in landscaping, deck refinishing, garden planting, and every other outdoor project that you do to prep for summer!





A little bit of fluff!

I said earlier this week I was finishing up all my last minute craft projects for my new apartment and I wasn’t kidding! I just finished these up today and I can’t wait to make my ginormous king size bed with my luscious bedding and toss these one of a kind pillows right on top to complete my luxurious retreat of a bedroom… at least, thats what I am imagining it to be, the result remains to be seen, obviously. Anyways, I used this little tutorial I found online to make my ruffles, had my grandma stitch up the pillow cases, attached the ruffles, stuffed in the pillows and boom, done. Excellent throw pillows. I am leaving out some of the more dramatic and ridiculous details regarding a few oops and some new fabric, because Im still trying to recover, but nonetheless, here are the fantastic pillows. Also, don’t ask how I made the orange pillow, the answer is I spent WAAAAY to much money on a taffeta fabric that already looked like that… so, here we are. ok, so here is  a little pictorial on how to make the ruffles. 

After you make the ruffles, attach them to the pillow cases. I made my cases out of the same fabric as my ruffles, but you don’t have to. I just folded the fabric around the pillow, pinned it, trimmed off the excess and then stitched up two of the sides (because the fold is one of the seams) and then stitched up half of the final side, leaving room to stuff the pillow in ( make sure you sew them inside out so you don’t see the seams!!!!!!) after this. I attached the ruffles. On one pillow I did the stripes as show above, on another pillow I did a circular pattern. If you decide to do a circular one, start on the outside and work your way in, attaching at the top of the ruffle so that you are sure to lay it down flat as you are attaching it. After the ruffles are attached, stuff the pillow inside and then close the final seam with a close slip stitch and you too can have beautiful textured throw pillows! Happy sewing (ha, that is for sure an oxymoron… at least for me)

Keys to the Kingdom

Ok, so I might not HAVE the kingdom yet, which means I definitely don’t have the keys, BUT when the time comes, I will definitely have somewhere to hang them! Another great craft moment inspired by interest AND a frame sale at Hobby Lobby yesterday when I went in to pick up some paint and other supplies for… other projects that will later appear here, for you to read about. Obviously, always thinking about you guys, and never about the looming possibility that my stockpile of craft cash is slowly dwindling down to nothingness, ok not nothingness, but it is much smaller than when I first started this blog….maybe I will keep a spare change jar to fund my craft ventures…hmmmm, but thats a post for another day, as the idea is obviously NOT fully developed. Nonetheless, here is the craft item upon which this post is based, probably the easiest $10 craft I have made.

So here is the frame we started out with, I love how rustic it was to begin with! Snaps to Hobby Lobby for keeping a lookout for my  recent obsession with refurbished items. This frame was 50% off as a part of their sale on unfinished frames (aka no backs, glass, or wall hangers) which was perfect for this little project!

So the first step, which came as a result of plan A, which was to just stencil a word onto the inner frame, became to paint the inner frame teal. Yes, shocking, I know, the cheap $2 stencils from hobby lobby mushed paint out the sides and made the words look like poop, so I ended up just painting over them and leaving the inside lower level a teal. I did not like the way the paint took away from the distressed look so I too a piece of sandpaper to it once it dried and roughed it up a bit. Next I added 3 hooks into the top portion of the frame, from which to hang my keys, darling I know, and heres how this step turned out.

Finally a added the words back to the top, which I ended up free handing, because for some reason that always results in a more pleasing way than using stupid plastic letter stencils. Then, improvisation number 2, the word was off center because I forgot to measure and line it up (often the problem with quick and easy projects, you forget the mundane important tasks… like measuring)  So, I added a quick little picture to the side and there you have it, a home for the keys to my eventual kingdom… ooooor just the one bedroom apartment I am hoping to get once I land my dream job in the Queen City, so thats kind of like a kingdom, right?

Ok, so heres the finished project! It took about an hour and a half and cost like 10 bucks, but its cute, so you should give it a whirl!