Movement Mondays- Bobblehead

This weekend our friends Jaque and Chris came over for dinner and somehow we got all caught up watching Minute to Win it, which seems to be the simplest concept but for some reason I am always shocked when people complete the tasks, and I am increasingly anxious as the show goes on and the amount of money they could win gets higher and higher. The first few tasks always seem relatively easy… and then all of a sudden its like bounce these 10 quarters across the stage off this tub jello into those tiny trampoline plates, you have 60 seconds…. GO. and Im just like what to you mean you can’t get that quarter to bounce of the Jello, COME ON… COME ON. Stop bouncing the quarters off the trampoline plates, just make them stand still AHHH you just bounced all 5 quarters off the trampoline when you got that last one on there. And it just continues on from there. But thats beside the point. This past weekend the first task was for the couple to wear sweat bands with pedometers on them and try to get a combined 200 tracked movements and they would move on to the next round. I didn’t even think about how HILARIOUS this would look but I was DYING! Then we started thinking about brain damage and how you must get a headache but they girl got something ridiculous like 173 and the guy got 150 or something… so they moved on but it was just HILARIOUS to watch, so here is a fun pick me up for you on this Monday morning. Sure to get you laughing and ready for another week of work.

This isnt actually from the show but some people did it at their office and its three guys, which is pretty comical. Their scores weren’t as intense as the competitors on the show, with one of them not even hitting 100, but still pretty comical to watch.