Movement Mondays- Double Dose

IM BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! And I missed you all dearly, probably because I missed my outlet to chatter on about anything and everything!!! But, Wedding land was crazy and a whirlwind of awesomeness, love, and fun and I can’t wait to share it all with you, but keeping with tradition, Movement Mondays are back. AND since I have been gone for a mome or ten, here are TWO of my faaaaaaaave dances from last week on SYTYCD! The all-stars were back in action and performing their own choreography with this season’s contestants.

My first pick is OBVIOUSLY a contemporary routine, I love this piece by Allison Holker about defeating social prejudice to live your life with the people you loved, mostly because I love that she and Twitch are engaged AND that Fikshun is ballin out of control. I think its so awesome when less trained dancers are able to keep up with people who have been perfecting their skills for several years. I think it shows the discipline that some of these street dancers have and how talented they really are when they are willing to break outside their genre! So here is pick one!


And pick two is just crazy fun and super Lady Gaga-esque! This one was by Mark who I always appreciated for his originality, and I thought Jenna was super fun to watch in it, they were like two little peas in a Lady Gaga pod (which doesn’t seem to far from reality for her sometimes!) So, here’s a little dose of funk for your Monday in case you missed it last Tuesday!


Stay tuned this week for lots of life updates and wedding oversharing!


Movement Mondays – Breathe Me

I know this song is super old, and I have a feeling this video is too (I couldn’t find a posting date) But I LOVE this choreography. Its so conscious of the little nuances in the music and Im a sucker for those kinds of things! And the legs for days don’t hurt either, why is that not my life…. or better question, why don’t my legs do that!??! Anywho, awesome choreography. My only complaint is… that it ended and didnt last the whole song, I guess it was more of a combo, but still, luuuurve it! So, check it out!



Movement Mondays – Dancing in the Dark

First of all, I love this song by Ben Howard and Yael Namin. Its right up my ally! Everything I love slow, good tempo and lots of little intricate beats to choreograph too, and this choreography is awesome! I love the partnering and the distinction between the soft fluid movements and the fast hard movements. I also love this nonchallant feeling you get at the beginning of the dance, like the just don’t care. So great. This piece was choreographed and performed by Matt Luck and Emma Porter. Happy Movement Mondays, and enjoooooy, dance lovers!


Movement Mondays – Leave

Well, I have to say I am a little depressed as this week will be the finale of my favorite summer series, So You Think You Can Dance! They will be closing out their 9th season this week and crowning one boy and one girl as America’s favorite dancer. I have to say that I have always been quite the fan of Eliana, but the past few weeks I have really been impressed with the way Chehon has really just come out of his shell and really connects with the music and the movement and the story, which is probably why I was drooling over the combination of he and Allison in this Stacey Tookey routine to Leave from the Broadway Musical ONCE. So amazing! I love watching people grow as dancers and performers, thats probably why I like teaching dance too! Check it out!¬†Also, please try to notice the part where Chehon lifts Allison WITH ONE HAND…. in case you might miss it, HA!