Pergola Pining

Since we moved into our house I have been DYING to create an awesome outdoor space to relax and enjoy. I think this is partially because of my parents “poolage” outdoor area with a kitchen and comfy furniture under an awning with fans. Ya know, the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. And I always loved sitting out on the porch at the lake or around a bon fire, so now that we actually have a space of our own to do all these things I’m dying to get my hands dirty to make it happen. David is on another plan that involves saving money and postponing projects which I find depressing so since I can’t see the project through to a reality JUST yet, I thought I would continue pining for my perfect pergola via pinterest and home decor magazines until one day I am allowed to put one on our back deck.


I know this is a terrible picture, I can only justify by saying I did not take it, its from the listing information when be bought the house, and I cannot find the one I did take, but I wanted you to be able to see what we have to work with, which is a really awesome foundation for an EPIC outdoor entertaining space! So, right now its pretty empty. We have a rocking chair and a few planters in the corners and David’s grill inhabits a bit of the space but we dont have much going on to make it a practical entertaining space, but were working on it! We hope to eventually re-do the railing, its a little loose and wobbly in places and the only way to get into the yard is a small little opening to the right that comes out on the side of the house. NOT helpful. Our plan is to pick a new railing, maybe something a little more decorative and remove the two center sections to create a walk down into the yard, ya know with a few stairs and such. Then we want to add a pergola covering the portion to the left of the opening and put some seating and everything under neath there, I would love to have some fans so that its still comfortable in the summer. Then to the right of the opening we would have a table and chairs for outdoor dining, AND as I have mentioned several times we really want to replace the sliding glass door with a french door or feaux french doors or whatever, just not the sliding door! haha! Here is a TERRIBLE illustration of what we are looking to eventually accomplish back here.


You can laugh, its fine. I know it looks ridiculous, but the real thing will be awesome, and everyone will be like “PORCH PARTIESSSS!” and that’s really the goal here! So now that you have a general idea of the direction were going, lets talk style and design… Starting with the pergola area! I’m more into the idea of a lounge type set up than I think David is, but I can just imagine hanging out and relaxing in a set up like this and with the railing it would be so easy to build bench seating around the perimeter without much effort!


Im not necessarily a fan of the whole pallet idea, but I am sure I could get a few for free (wink wink, nudge nudge, hey Dad!!) and make an awesome set up if I had to haha! I think I would rather build something that was a little more sturdy, but I do love the whites and blues! But since sturdy and long lasting is the name of the game, I do love this next option!


Although, I dont think its as practical. Sofas, and huge stuffed footstools/seating? probably not the best idea for outdoors, and David hate the idea of the curtains, but I am OBSESSED! even if we only had them up when company came over, I think they add such a cool element to the space, and they look awesome!


Which brings me to this, I could get behing this set up. The wood would work (say that three times fast! YIKES!) But I might change it up on the cushions just because white gets so dirty and we do have some clay in our back yard so I don’t see that ending well if we end up getting a four-legged friend in the next few years. So, white might not be a good decor option!

c8ecd25f9cd20e24e40315b2b80ed879Then there is this, which I love, except it doesnt have a pergola, It looks just like what I was describing with the seating built into the railing and lots of space to relax, looks like the perfect space for a girls night, if you ask me!

If we move to the other side of the eventual walk down into the yard, I want to eventually do a table so we can actually enjoy dinner out on the deck, maybe a 6 top would be perfect. I really want wood but David is worried about wear and tear and the wood rotting so he is pushing for wrought iron, which I guess would work if I could paint it a funky color and get some fun cushions, and he’s right as far as something being long lasting and a good investment the wrought iron might be the way to go, but I would have to find just the right things to spice it up, like a cute little umbrella, and cushions and the perfect shade of spray paint to bring it from drab to fab!


I love this set up with the dark wood table on the dark stained deck, I just think it looks really classy but I agree that it would take a much larger maintenance effort to make this table last as long as some other options, but you have to admit, this is fancy and FAB!


I also really like the simplicity of this furniture, not really into the pillows on the benches and I think this would be relatively easy to make, so it is a good option, except David doesn’t really get into bench style seating, but I think for an outdoor space it works really well.


I love everything about this table set from Target… except the price range, clearly I am attracted to the more natural look, which is where I get in trouble price wise, I think!

4226389lgI also found this more affordable option at Lowes. Its aluminum but has that wood look, so its more affordable, and potentially more durable, so it might be a good contender. Our goal here is to wait until things go on sale at the end of summer and see what we can put together for a steal of a deal! I will let you know how that goes, but I have my eye on the sales!!! Can’t wait to get to work on our little outdoor oasis. I will keep you all updated as the process unfolds, slowly but surely, sloooowly but surely.