Yah Mon – The Honeymoon


David and I reppin the Tiger Rag in Jamaica

I know you probably want to know more about the wedding than read about David and I laying around on the beach drinking cocktails, but our honeymoon was so relaxing and awesome, AND I don’t quite have my mind wrapped around how exactly I want to blog all things wedding without going overboard. SO, honeymoon it is!


David and I went to the Sandals Whitehouse Resort is Westmoreland, Jamaica for our honeymoon, and it was fabulous! The beaches were gorgeous the staff was awesome, super friendly, and tons of fun! The food was better than I was expecting for an all inclusive set up AND I most loved that we were pretty much unconnected for an entire week of post-wedding decompression. It was definitely the way to go!


The first day we were there it was a bit rainy, but the weather cleared up and was nice the rest of the week, there was tons to do and see just around the resort so we didn’t spend much time doing anything else (plus we were into the free activities: kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, water trikes -hahaha, trust me its comical! , swimming…. up to the bar to get drinks, floating in the pool, snorkeling…which I chickened out on, and SCUBA diving if you were certified, which we were not)


After talking with some of our friends who had been to Sandals before we were a little worried about the restaurants being crowded or there not being enough room at the pools to sit etc, but we didn’t seem to run into any of those problems, between the 7 restaurants, 3 pools, and tons of beach it felt like the resort was empty when in fact there were like 500 other people there at the same time as us. I didn’t really think about it before hand but it was really bizarre to show up and be spending a week with a ton of people who just got married on the same day as us! I just didn’t think this trough! But it was a blast to exchange wedding war stories and talk about funny things our guests did and compare notes on everything!


One night at dinner the waitress carried our dessert from the kitchen to our table on her head… and did a little dance! It was quite comical!

Also, one of my prouder moments, I convinced David that we needed to get a massage, which was quite a feat for me since he doesn’t like to be touched and is super ticklish. I told him the hot stone massage was his best option for optimal enjoyment and getting all those huge knots out of his back he always complains about. So we go to the little spa, and there was a lot of forced PDA. They made us hold hands to walk into the room, and at the end of the massage, the made us awkwardly hold hands while still laying on the tables.


David before our massage– he seems thrilled, don’t you think?

They are really into forced PDA at Sandals by the way, between the couples massage, the Sandals Paparazzi and the staff you would try to get to take pictures of you for free on your OWN camera so you didnt have to pay for it later…. someone was always telling you to hold hands or kiss or something like that. For example one night at dinner we asked someone to take our picture… and before she gave the camera back we had 6 pictures of us kissing or… sitting close together… OR feeding each other– exhibit A:


David feeding me dessert, I am not as amused as he is by this activity.

Also, on our trip we learned… I am terrible at pool. I had always suspected this, but it was definitely validated during our week at sandals. There was a rec center near our room that had 4 pool tables so we always found ourselves stopping by on the way to and from dinner or the pool, just to have a chance to do something else. We must have played more than 20 games while we were there and I only beat David twice… once was because he hit the 8 ball in before the game was over. Like I said, my skills are lacking. I was convinced if we kept playing I would get better and I think I actually got worse, so that’s embarrassing!


David schooling me at pool.

Enough about the activities, lets talk views, this place was gorgeous. By the second day we had picked our spot on the beach that we sat at every morning before lunch and then in the afternoon we made our way to one of the pools for some floating, drinking, and uselessness. Except one day when they were having water aerobics at the pool which was less than appealing.  Envision an angry Sue Sylvester-esque  Jamaican screaming pool aerobics exercises at you. There were about 10 people in the pool that actually braved the class, everyone else was just sitting in lounge chairs… watching in fear that this person might call us out and make us get in and exercise. But apart from that, the lounging was awesome! So awesome that we did pretty much nothing else. And we loved every minute of it!



Sensational Summer Sandals

It seems that all of my obsessions, apart from dance, revolve around accessories…I blame this partially on my desire to wear things that are super comfortable, and maybe not necessarily “fashion forward.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dress like a slob kabob, but I do love a flowy dress or skirt annnd if I am not doing anything productive with my life, you will probably find me in a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt. But, in the summer, no matter my outfit, I will always be sporting some sort of sandal. Honestly, I think if I walked into any store and found a pair that I loved, they would probably be in my closet in less than 2 weeks. Primarily because in the store while admiring them on my feet I have already developed an outfit around the sandals AND because I know that every cute sandal has a short shelf life in a store… if its there after two weeks that means other people think its ugly and it was probably best that I didn’t buy it to begin with. So, heres the rundown on my sandal selection from dressy to casual and my must haves to my wish list.

Summer Sandal Must-Haves

Jack Rodgers:

This is a must have in every Souther Girls closet. I wear these with LITERALLY everything.  Jeans, dresses, skirts, running shorts. You name it and my Jacks have probably been paired with it. If you don’t have a pair, shame on you. They seem expensive but I have had the same pair for almost 3 years and they are still going strong. If you don’t already have them, GET THESE SHOES IMMEDIATELY! 


A little more casual…and by a little I mean a lot. But, these are perfect for the beach or the pool. Love these too, although I seem to have misplaced mine recently so a new pair is in order as soon as I make it to the store to get a pair. I don’t wear them as much as I use to so who knows how long they have been missing. Oops!

Target Flats:

I am not even going to pretend like I spend all my income on fancy expensive shoes. I get mine mostly from Target or other random chain shoe stores. They always have the style I want in a variety of colors…and Im not opposed to having the same shoe in 3 different colors. These are my favorite Target flats. I wear them anytime I am not wearing my Jacks. They were $15 and they go with almost everything in my closet. They are the perfect sandal.

  I would say that more important than anything is to have a metallic sandal in your wardrobe because it will go with anything and everything you could want to wear, black, brown, white, blue… whatever… unless you are wearing metallic, then its your struggle, not mine!

Dress it up! 

Steve Madden Wedge: 

Ok, I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t love a good wedge, and I have never met a Steve Madden wedge that I didn’t love. For some reason they always fit my feet just right and are SOOOO comfy. I can wear them for hours with no trouble, and I love a heel, but we tend to disagree on comfort level at times, so I was shocked at how much I love to wear these wedges!

Fun and Flirty:

Dress up an outfit with a pair of flats that have a little flair of flirt, with ruffles, rhinestones, or a bow… all things I love and adore, and these shoes are for real on my wish list because I love a good bow just as much as the next girl!

Keep it casual!

Perfect for outdoor activities in the summer, days at the lake, white water rafting adventures, etc. I don’t have these and I have gone back and forth for years about getting a pair because they definitely are the most fashionable things, but I need a pair of sandals that are sturdy and designed to be worn outside, in the water, and in.. less than clean conditions that will be easy to clean and super comfy. Sooo, these will probably be appearing in my closet at some point this summer.

Simple Neutral:
Perfect for everything, this is just dressy enough to wear out with your every day wear but not so dressy that it looks awkward, like I’m sure I do when I wear my metallic flats or my jacks with my workout clothes or to dance class. Oops!

Make a statement! 

Shoes are literally one of my favorite ways to change the look of an outfit. They can add a pop of color, or that perfect little flair, or the ever perfect shoe that just completes the look you were going for!

With a color:
I love brightly colored shoes, they are kind of obnoxious and weird, but not so much that they are impractical, and I love that!

With adornments:
I’m not sure this is my style, but I think theses shoes would look awesome with the right outfit AND they have so much more going on that just some leather or rubber its like art on your feet!

Or both:
These shoes are a great statement piece they are bright AND they have awesome architectural details with all the buckles and straps, these are also potentially on my wish list. I better get to saving up!