The Most Wonderful Time of the Beer


As Oktoberfest approaches and beer lovers commune world wide to partake in every German’s favorite past time, a little microbrewery in Delaware prepares to ship its limited quantities of seasonal brew that has “beer connoisseurs” tripping over themselves to stock up on the limited quantities sent to stores in their area. At least thats the story David kept telling me until he finally got his hands on a case of Dogfish Head Punkin Ale a few weeks ago, marking what he believes to be the sign of the changing of the seasons.

Whats worse, he has been hoarding two bottles left from his case last year to savor when the new case came out this year. Crazy I know, but according to David and his friend Tyler, the beer tastes just like pumpkin pie, and everything that is fall. I think I remember David telling my Dad once that it was like Thanksgiving in a bottle. In case your clueless as to what this Dogfish Head is, or are curious about Punkin Ale, heres a short little video to bring you up to speed.

I mean, who can’t love something that has a direct link to punkin chunkin, only the most American thing to happen other than the 4th of July, a bunch of fools shooting and catapulting pumpkins across a huge expanse of land. Enough said, everything about fall is awesome, but David likes this beer the most. He says that a good compromise for the punkin ale is Octoberfest by Sam Adams,

but I can tell he still thinks it doesn’t quite stack up against his one true love. I think we visited Total wine once a week for 3 or 4 weeks waiting to see if we could catch the first delivery, he even went so far as to find out which day of the week it would be delivered so he went every Wednesday until he got his case. What can I say, he’s a diehard coming home from his first and only stock up trip for the 2012 batch with a case and a half to savor for the next 12 months, and I am sure that first, cold glass of Punkin Ale was that much more delicious since he worked so hard to get it!


He even told me that when we were in college that he and his friend Tyler, the other punkin ale addict, went to a local grocery store and informed the manager of what a hit this seasonal beer was and she actually called her distributor and ordered all he had left, needless to say, Tyler and David were in hog heaven. So, in celebration of the upcoming kick off of Oktoberfest, and of course the most wonderful time of the beer, go out, find some punkin ale, and have a toast to David and Tyler, the two people responsible for causing you to become a seasonal beer addict. Cheers!