One Month to Wedding Month!

This past weekend was my last bridal shower and my last weekend in Augusta until we go back for our wedding, I almost can’t even believe we’re almost there. I feel like we have been talking about it and planning it for ages and now its so close I can almost taste it. WOOT!


My last shower was with all my dance girls from home, which was so great since they have been like my second family growing up and I feel like I spent so much of my life there! I even taught a dance class the morning before David and I got engaged, what I can say, ya can’t pull me away! The shower was great we played lots of games, which was fun since I haven’t done any at any of my other showers. We did some wedding mad libs which were HILARIOUS and we learned that we are NOT good at parts of speech, which was embarrassing, and we also played toilet paper bride, which I have never done before.


There were some pretty intense dresses, which I guess is what happens when you get together a bunch of dancers who hae been doing costuming since they could breath. I didnt get to make my own dress, although, I did get to be the model, and my BFF dressed me in my toilet paper wedding day best, haha shes such a gem. Here is a picture of my sister and I all decked out for the toilet paper dress fashion show… which was pretty ridic considering the dresses were so delicate we could barely walk in them!


So fashionable, don’t you think ūüėČ Apart from the shower I tried to spend some time getting ready for the final push before the wedding, trying to figure out what I had left to-do and what things I didn’t need to worry about doing any more. I am proud to say that I am almost completely done with all my wedding projects, and I will get to cruise into wedding month with less stress than I had originally anticipated, which is greatly appreciated! All I have left to do is finish designing the programs and then put together the favors right before the wedding, so I think thats pretty awesome! Looking forward to sharing more wedding details with you guys as the big day approaches, mostly because I won’t be able to help myself!!!!!


3 Months and Counting!

Our wedding is less than 3 months away and things are really starting to pick up with making final plans, attending showers, going to fittings, etc etc etc. And trying to remember all the legalities like getting a marriage¬†license, obtaining new passports or loacting our old ones, ¬†and trying to figure out how to become my new alter ego “Mrs. Stokes”, after the wedding. This weekend was also my second bridal shower. We traveled up to my Mom’s hometown to celebrate with some of my extended family, and my grandmother’s close friends/ friends of the family. My two aunts planned and coordinated the shower and they did an awesome job!


Wedding Shower Serving Table.

All the food was homemade and delicious! There were cheese straws, brie cheese, sandwich rolls, veggie trays, spinach dip, fruit trays, petit fores, and butter mints, and lots of other tasty treats! If you ever need an appetizer menu for a party, my family can hook you up, because we love some tasty appetizers! I was so blessed to spend the day with all my family celebrating at the shower!


Mom, Me, Mimi (my mom’s mom), My sister (The MOH!)

She was so sweet and played hosetess all weekend and even had a fun little pre-shower bunch on Saturday morning, which was also really tasty, because apart from appetizers, my family also loves breakfast, if you haven’t noticed a trend here….. my first bridal shower was a brunch! My grandma literally went all out, she had breakfast casserole, fruit, muffins, bagels, a variety of pickled veggies, mimosas, coffee, ya know the whole 9 yards! And she even set a fancy little table! Too cute!


Brunch table settings!

She was a great hostess for my “new family” and my Dad’s mom (my Nana) who all traveled from out of town to celebrate with us! It was definitely a fun girls weekend and I think we all enjoyed a break away from our respective male counterparts, since they all stayed at home!


Me with David’s Mom and Bridget, my future sister-in-law.

We had an awesome weekend, and I love being able to see my family so much, maybe I should get married every year! David and I are so fortunate to have so many people who love and support us and want to help make the beginning of this new chapter in our lives SO special!


Me with both my grandmas!

This weekend we’re off to Lexington for a couples shower and BBQ! I have to admit, I don’t hate all the delicious eats either! We’re having so much fun seeing everyone and celebrating with them I feel like I am going to be kind of sad on August 11 when its all over!!! But until then, party on!

Wedding Planning Snapshot

I almost can’t even believe I am saying this, but were almost 4 months away from the wedding. We have been in total house mode for the last few months which hasn’t given us much time to nail down the specifics for the wedding, but it has given us lots of time to look back and our engagement so far, which has been so great, and is bound to get even better over the next few months as we head into wedding season, full of parties, showers, and lots of planning trips! So here is a snapshot of our 8 months of engagement through the eyes of instagram!




So much love in my mailbox!!! (lots of congrats cards from friends and family!)


Lunch time toast with Nana!


wedding planning! #overwhelmed


Adding all the important dates to my new Lilly planner, which now includes my wedding year!!


Yay productive wedding planning with the MOH! (Bridesmaids dress attempt 1)


Sunday Funday with the Fiancé. (making our save the date video!)




Cake tasting! So many baby cupcakes we had to get a to-go box!!!!


8 Months to go!!!!!!!!!


Woot!! Done addressing save the dates! Now to stuff and stamp. Merh. Maybe some other time.


Just got our personalized engagement pic/ guest book for our wedding from our ballin’ photographer @lawrenecekent yippeeeeeee wedding things!!!!


How David feels about picking out curtains for our registry. hahahahaha!


Love going into Charleston Street and seeing our place setting out! I’m still just as in love with it as I was the day we picked it out! ::swoon::


Basically we’re married.


5 Months to go!


Yippeeeee! Wedding Season is upon us. Less than 5 months to go!


Busy little bee. Who needs weekends? #notthisgirl


Wedding logo “stamps” courtesy of our friend Brad wooohooo!


Wedding crafting!!


Just call me the prop master because this photobooth is about to be out of control! #isitaugust10thyet #glitterprops

Are you getting excited!?!? I am. Things are getting really…. REAL! I have scheduled my bridal portraits and dress fittings, the bridesmaids dresses arrived at the shop yesterday, the rehearsal dinner has been planned, the cake has been tasted, and now we just need to tie down all the loose ends, finish planing the ceremony and get all the specifics ironed out with the reception (the part I am most excited for!!!) ANNNND Shower season is rapidly approaching, which will give me lots of fun themed events to blog about! Hope you guys don’t mind my blushing bride syndrome! Its getting intense, but I will try to keep changing things up here! As they say “Variety is the spice of life!”¬†

Save it!

The Cat is outta the bag! David and I have been keeping something under wraps since November and the time as finally come that we get to share it with everyooooone! When we went to get our engagement pictures made in November, we also had ¬†a date with our videographer and shot a save the date video! This is something that she came to us about. She was really interested in creating one, but had never done it before. I knew she was super creative and when we had our first meeting she had all these great ideas! We ended up searching interest for all these cute wedding and engagement pictures and tried to find a way to tie them all together in a video, she even made this hilarious animatic with stick figure stills of all the ideas we had so David and I could try to figure out what we were doing! Once we…. kind of had it planned out I spent some time making lots o’crafty things!


I bought these cool little pendants from hobby lobby and all I had to do was paint the letters on them… and my freehand isnt the best so luckily I had a few extra for my mistaaaakes!


We also included a fun little photobooth segment in our video so I made a bowtie for David and he made me so raaather fashionable cat-eye glasses. Don’t let him fool you, hes a pretty crafty little devil!


Dont we look so fashionable!?


We also saw this really cool picture with a parasol that we liked on line so we got creative and tried to find a way to include it into our video! David and I also wanted to include a message to our guests in the video so there are little word snippets all over the place!


Also, I just find this picture to be rather comical, my bff took it, she came along the day of the shoot to be our prop master ¬†and just hang out and help behind the scenes because she’s the!

So, check out our video and if your in the Aiken/Augusta area, give Courtney at Sweet Tea Videography a call, she’s awesome. If this sounds like a shameless plug, it definitely is! Prior to talking to Courtney, David and I weren’t even going to hire a videographer. She approached me to ask if I had found anyone and I kind of explained to her it was an expense I was considering cutting because I wasn’t overly interested in having a video of just the ceremony because other than the occasional anniversary I didn’t feel like it was anything I would ever look at, and if I am going to spend a couple thousand dollars on something I wanted it to be worth it. Courtney was so great about respecting my view and just said I understand but if you change your mind, here is my info an my portfolio. As soon as I saw her first video I knew I had to have it. She will definitely do the traditional ceremony video but she creates these amazing highlight reels of the whole evening and it just makes everything so much more fun to watch, its like an inside look into our big day, which will be a great keepsake down the road! We get to pick our own music, and vibe, and it can be as serious or fun as we want it to be! I can’t wait to see how the final product comes out, If you have a few extra minutes, check out some of her different videoes on vimeo! She does so many different creative things, not just weddings! So, shameless plug over, check out our fun little videooooo because we love it!


Wedding Update

We havent been doing much big planning lately, just tying down any loose ends before the end of the year. Although, I feel like im always trying to tie down the loose ends these days. I had a freakout moment a few weeks ago when my to-do list started uncrossing itself and my bridesmaids dresses were discontinued. ugh. Remember these guys?


Well, they are no more. I got a call from my dress shop and for some reason I was thinking they were calling to tell me my dress had come in early… buuut they didnt they said “unfortunately you need to pick a new bridesmaids dress, yours is discontinued and they wont let us order anymore” I cry. Not really but, it was just annoying because I like to be ahead of the game and get things done. Oh well, so we headed back to the store next time I was home, and it was almost shocking how quickly we were able to pick a new one. I guess now that I have a better idea about what I am looking for and the way I want to style things, it was much easier to pick a dress that fit into all of that. We only tried on two this time around! It was easy peasy! So…. Heres where were at with that.


I like the one shoulderness and the bow on this one a lot more I think. I also really like that its more clean cut and simple, which is more my style as well! Yay for mishaps that end well! I have also been working on some craft projects, but Im only giving you a sneak peak because I don’t want to give too much away!

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 9.18.24 AM

David had so much fun helping me out with this project… NOT. haha He made up this funny little song about all the beads I was literally crying I was laughing so hard. I think sometimes he doesn’t realize how hilarious he is, which sometimes makes it even more comical. I mean look how thrilled he looks! Such a gem!

In addition to crafting he was also dragged along to pick out our nice dinner ware. We didnt register for “fine china” just fancier plates haha! I love them though. They are all hand made so each plate is a little different, but they are to.die.for. And I was surprised how much input David had in picking them out. He is now currently obsessed with the few pewter pieces that we picked out as a charger plate and some serving dishes. I have to admit they are a nice compliment, and they keep the pattern form looking TOO girly and keep it kind of gender neutral. Check it out!

chinaIm obsessed I cant even lie about it! I think its the greatest dinnerwear ever and I have already told David that I want to find an old chest to upcycle and keep it in, you know just brain storming some fun new projects for the blog. He didnt seem as excited but I think it could be really awesome. to put some nice glass doors on the front and some top notch shelving inside. It would provide all the extra storage you need for the wedding gifts that wont fit in the kitchen cabinets, be a great decorator piece AND, you can put pretty things on top of it as well. ::sigh:: when will we be in this new place with all this new room??

Well back to the weddings, we also recently got our wedding invitations done, which I know seems a little early, but like I said, I love to cross things off my to do list! So here’s as much of a sneak peak as I could give you without giving TOO much away!

We are also in the process of looking into calligraphy, which has turned out to be quite the man hunt, because we are using dark envelopes, so lots of people are kind of apprehensive, but I think we found our lady and she does some really great work! So I am excited to meet with her in Janauary and see what we can get done!
Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 9.08.53 AM

We also went to a cake tasting with our wedding planner and it was awesome! All the little mini cupcakes she made were great but we ended up just selecting our 4 favorites! Shes going to send us some sketches of designs after the holidays and is even talking about making a new flavor to give David his cinamon fix! And she made so many little cupcakes we were able to bring some of them home with use for our parents to try!

photo (4)

On January 10 it will be 7 months until the wedding, I almost can’t believe it, but I guess thats when things on my to-do list start to get really intense. According to my little Bridal Planning Guide and the I need to complete the following things by the end of the month:
Reserve the Bridal Suite
Select Attendant Attire
Book Caterer
Book the Ceremony Musicians
Book the reception Enterntainment
Book the Florist
Schedule Attendant Fittings
I guess I dont have as much to do, as I could, and most of these items are partially completed, and I didnt even include things in my planner that had ¬†already been 100% completed when I wrote the list out in September, ¬†but I think were going to be pretty busy from here on out! And I have so many other things in the works that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

Wedding Wonderment!

So, it has been a while since my last weedding post and to keep from writing a post about every mind numbing detail, I figured I would post every month or so with a few updates and any fun things we might be doing in regards to wedding planning! So I have found my dress (YIPPEE!) but no posting about that here, you have to wait until August to find out about that one, but I will say I do like to talk very generally about it when David is around because I find his  discomfort to be comical! Anywho, I also went with my sister to find the perfect bridesmaid dress, and we did! She very much enjoyed trying on lots of different looks and having everyone judge her, NOT!

Theres nothing like trying on clothes and not getting to pick what you’re actually going to wear, because lets be honest, sometimes I don’t even like to try on clothes when i do have the final say in what I will be wearing! We did settle on a dress we both liked and I decided were going to go with navy for our classy 6pm church wedding! Woot!


Sorry for the lame sepia toned instagram pic, but the color of the dress was this weird sage green, so I decided it was easier to imagine it in navy if you didnt see the original pic, and I OBVIOUSLY instagrammed this as it was happening because I am addicted!

We have also been collecting a large number of sample wedding invitations, because being the print snobs we are, we have been very picky. I think we have narrowed it down to one, I just got the sample last week so we are seeing what personalizations, if any can be made to the fonts and wording, etc, but hopefully we will have those picked out and ordered before the holidays! Additionally, I am very unsatisfied with the large number of “designers” on etsy using “shimmer paper” its the ugliest thing ever and I think it really cheapens the look of the invitations and they keep selling it as an elegant way to improve the look of the invitations, and its not. UGH. So, needless to say a few of the designs we looked at we didn’t choose specifically because of the glitter paper. Also, I am sad to report that in lieu of sticking to the budget, we have decided to NOT get letter press invitations, I am sad. But 2 or 3 thousand dollars for invitations is a little excessive, so we’re looking to go simple and classy!

We also have our venues all booked for the big day! Our goal is to have all the major pieces into place before the end of the year, and we’re well on our way, I think were pretty set on a caterer, and have alreayd picked a florist, now for music, and cake, and dressing David and we will be all set, and then the fun part of filling in all the little details! But the ceremony will be at my church, Fairview, and the reception will be at the River Room! In case you voted in the previous post when we showed all the venues we looked at!


ceremony location!




reception entry way!

The grand staircase! (my favorite part)


The ball room, all set up for someone else’s wedding haha!

Also, David was obviously jealous of my little bridesmaids gift boxes that I sent to all of them when I asked them to be in the wedding, so we did up some little cards that were more manly for all the groomsmen! But I think it worked out well, they look classy and manly. Success.

And finally a few weekends ago David and I were invited to a wedding registry party at crate and barrel, where they opened a few hours early and invited local engaged couples to come in for refreshments, and some wedding registry making!

It was so much fun and even David got into it! They had this awesome app where you could just scan the barcodes on the item and just add it to your registry without even needing one of those in store scanners. It was awesome because there were quite a few couples there, so we didn’t have to spend all morning waiting on a scanner just to get started.

We also found this AWESOME living room set that we have made it our life goal to own (at least the sofa and the chair, and maybe some of the accessories, haha! But it totally our style and so plush and comfy. So donations are being taken for the awesome new living room fund, from now until we can afford to purchase it. 

Also we went and took engagement pictures this past weekend and did some other fun wedding things, but its a secret, until were ready to share it with you! So once we get our pictures back and the other thing, I will be sure to share it all with you here,  so get excited!!!!!! Yay weddings!

The Favors we Favor

I think it might just be me, but I have been really stressing over what to give as favors at our wedding in August. I mean I know its a little over 10 months away, but I just think about it all the time. I want something that is personal to the two of us, something that we both like, that people will think is fun and original, and per the request of David, something that provides instant gratification (which came about as a result of my requesting that we give one of our favorite treat recipes with all the dry ingredients in a bag or a jar, he promptly informed me that people did not want to have to make their favors, they just wanted to be able to enjoy them when they got them. Instant gratification) Needless to say we are still on the hunt for the perfect favor and I have pinned to my hearts content and picked several peoples’ brains, and I am still undecided. However, like any good wedding, we do know that we need to have koozies for our guests drink time enjoyment, so I took to the web to find a good website for them, and I wanted to be able to get them at a good price. BUUUUT I got really side tracked with this awesome website called custom ink that allowed you to make a little mock up right there…. soooo I thought I would share some of the more comical ones with all of you, because, who doesnt need a good laugh! Don’t worry, none of these will be making an appearance on drinks at our wedding!!

I thought we’d start with this one because its…. the most traditional and wedding related of all the ones we looked at…. well this one, and the one below….

I also appreciate the bathroom figurines on this one. So classy!

Although, David was quite the fan of these trout koozies……

While I was more into a comical representation of my former gang life in my college sorority:

Additionally we both appreciated the comedy of this approving cartoon couple on the front of our koozies!

Needless to say, once I found out that we could add all the different pictures on the front a lot of time was wasted trying to come up with some of the most comical designs we could, some that were maybe not blog or wedding appropriate. And, by the way, all of these pictures were included in the clip art section for weddings, with the exception of the fish and the theta…. but the theta one looks similar to a love knuckle one that we tried out as well! Definitely a fun website if you are looking to kill a few hours AND we did manage to find a design we both really liked, but we cant give it all away here! Stay tuned for more wedding updates as we keep planning and organizing, etc! 314 days to go!!!!!!

Venue Shopping

I’ve decided that in my wedding planning endeavors, there is no such thing as too early. Last week I went home with a full agenda for my mom and I on my two days off and we hit some venues in Augusta to try to find the perfect place for David and I to have our reception. When the day started out David and I were pretty sure we wanted our wedding on August 24th of next year and we were UNSURE as to which event space would be the perfect one for us, but our list of questions would be sure to narrow it down for us, and it surely did. When planning a wedding where the preliminary guest list is teetering around 350, space was the biggest factor, because even if only 15-20% of those people come we will be around 300 guests, and someone always brings that plus one that wasn’t included on the invite, etc. Apart from that finding a space that would allow for all the things we wanted (a live band, an open bar, a late night party, and minimal space conversion to create the wow factor we were looking for). My mom and I started at 10am with our first appointment, packed lunches that we ate in the car, and the only break we had during the day we used to stop by our church to get the info we needed about the ceremony (here is a sneak peak at the outside of the church!)

I guess the easiest place to start is the beginning. I will try to be objective in talking about all the spaces we looked at, because I want to see if you can guess the one we actually selected! By the way, by the time the day was over, we had moved our wedding date up two weeks and have finally settled on August 10 of next year. EEK! Less than a year to plan, haha and if I ever need a play by play I have my trusty wedding planner, or the ever looming checklist on!

The first place we looked at was the River Room at St. Pauls in downtown Augusta, this would be conveniantly located for our out of town guests, its a large space and has that great entrance impact, and of course that ever so important outdoor space that David and I considered a must have for where ever we choose! Here are a few pictures I snapped during the tour so you can get a better idea of the space, tons and tons of space, inside outside, all over the place!

Next, we headed to The Richmond on Greene, which was an old converted hotel space. It is very ornate, so if it goes with the decor you are looking for, there wouldn’t be much conversion needed, there is also a large outdoor space and the dining chairs and some of the furniture included in the rental is really nice. Again, if it goes with what you are looking for.

Then we went to The Old Medical College, which is the original location for the medical college of georgia…. or whatever they are trying to call it these days. Anywho, the space has a lot of character, a large outdoor space, the original hardwood floors and a little rotunda, and that big impact when you drive up… after you get over the surrounding areas, oh Augusta, how I love thee! But, these are trivial things when considering the location for the biggest party you will ever throw!

After that we headed over to the Marian Hatcher Center, another historical location in Augusta. Lots of rooms and layout options, an outdoor space, and ample parking, on-site, which is always a plus! Again, another space with a great facade! I mean how could you not dream of gorgeous pictures on these cascading staircases?!

Finally we headed to Enterprise Mill, again, another historical location in town, with that rustic interior we love and, a really great outdoor space as well, and it already comes with those lanterns we would use in the space (included decor is always a plus!) Not much to look at on the approach, but the inside is great and so is the little fire pit! Check it out!

So that was my whirlwind day! Those of you who have been following me for a while, OR know me personally, which one do you think we picked? I will say that I booked it for SURE yesterday so we are one step closer to realizing our (my) dream wedding, because David says the venue and the decor are unimportant, he cares about the food and beverages, haha! Make sure to take the poll below and I will post the results of what you guys thought and what we actually picked sometime next week!!!