Clemson Fall Crawl

I obviously had to leave my mark in DT. Apart from my epic shenanigans at Fall Crawl, I decided it was in the best interest to sign a bar… So in my infinite wisdom I signed the table at TTT, where I am relatively positive you are indeed NOT suppose to write on the tables. Foops. Here’ to fall crawl 2011, what a way to go out.

First of all, to the individual who first created the bar crawl: to you we are eternally grateful. Clemson’s third annual fall crawl was nothing short of an epic success, at least on my end. I was so distracted by other happenings I didn’t even have the opportunity to be distracted by the more than depressing outcome of yesterday’s game. The day got off to a late start as the result of some unneeded traffic delays for our out of town friends, not to worry, a few pitchers how our group of bar crawlers from zero to hero in a matter of 30 minutes. The concept of allowing day drinking at lower prices is genius, I mean honestly, how can we resist?

Needless to say several laughs, drinks, shots, and bad decisions (on the part of some members of our group….not calling anyone out, you know who you are ) we ended the night with an epic karaoke performance at TDs, where I am more than sure our lack of vocal ability created quite the show stopper. I would like to point out that of the bad performances that we were not where near close to the top. Some people picked very well known songs that they did not know the words to…. or the tune for that matter. obviously in this setting the correct solution is to scream the song, as loud as possible, over the 10 giant speakers to help them get back on beat….not helpful. However, not to brag, I did discover that I know many a song lyric, soooo I have that going for me. I don’t understand why it is a good idea to go to a bar and give drunk people microphones and ask them to recreate their favorite musical acts, nothing about that can end well, and the only ones worth watching are the people who suck. Nothing makes me more angry than when some pehnom singer gets on stage trying to show off… I LITERALLY want to boo you OUT of the bar. If you want to perform be in a musical or join the chorus….karaoke at a bar is NOT the right venue. Best performance of the night…. some girl comepletely disregarding the lyrics to the song and dropping some SICK free style that went perfectly with the song she was singing. I want to be her. She is my idol. After my debut karaoke performance (and about 8 hours at fall crawl) I decided it was in the best interest of the rest of the world that i retire from my fall crawl duties. Nothing is more wonderful than when your head hits a pillow after such an event. Although,  I will say that the declicious cheese tots I made in my oven last night after being picked up from DT Clemson were probably the most wonderful thing ever! Obviously only one thing can be deduced from the above stated testimony: Fall Crawl 2011 was an epic success.


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